Saturday, 19 September 2009

Magical Referral

It's so lovely when someone posts something like this on YouTube!

The DVD set is available at the Magical Marketing webpage.

Thanks Glenn at Inner Flame!



Anonymous said...

Just to reiterate what Glen has said, the Event was Brill, the DVD set is Brill, well worth the money in both cases.

Really can't wait for the next event Wealth Wizards - its gonna be another GREAT Event.

Hope there's gonna be another DVD set for it.

julesbrad said...

What a great example of the great info from magical marketing being put into action with fantastic results.

Referral marketing is just a small part of the info from the DVD set but is seen here being executed brilliantly.

Magical Marketing receives a positive review which will help sales and InnerFlame also receives publicity. A win-win situation.

Anonymous said...

jules brad you are so boring.

Anonymous said...

If Jules is so boring as you say anonymous, what is your take on this Brilliant DVD and event?


Anonymous said...

its just a bunch of mouthpieces and hangers on trying to heighten their profile and make money out of a larger bunch of aimless idiots.
you won't get rich listening to people like that. But you will get poorer and they will definately screw your confidence up.
i mean Jeffrey Archer.. give me a break will you..what a pig that man is.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you are the aimless idiot, we live in a world where we are constantly learning, wether it be by books or others experiences, but either we are learning, or at least should be.
All experiences of these people, and others, wether they have failed once or on numerous occasions, or are just great success' through, it is all valuable knowledge that we should digest, in order for us to succeed in our chosen field, with as little adversity, or none.
I myself WILL BE GOING to this WONDERFUL event, and am looking forward to gaining a great deal of knowledge and insight into how to make a great success of my business.


Stephen said...

More stupid rubbish from the anonymous, dlog.

They never seem to tire do they?

My 0.2c is that marketing is about being authentic and "entirely" relevant your market. I think the video shows someone who is trying to do just that. He is also developing an organisation that supports a fantastic cause - young people.