Sunday, 6 September 2009

The DLOG's new business

You will all be pleased to know that our friend The DLOG has set up his new print business Giraffe Press - view his Blog here !

The current site and branding is only temporary, basically Jason can do any printing for business that you need - he's fast, inexpensive and always gets it right first time.

Give him a whirl!



Hani O'Keeffe said...

Good luck with your new business Jason, you deserve every success.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Rachel & Hani, would not have been possible without such great people like yourselves around supporting me.

May you both reap the good fortune that you sow, and of course all those dear people that support and have supported me, especially over the last couple of months. :-))


Stephen said...

nice one dlog. You couldn't have better people on your side, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know Stephen, I must be the luckiest person around :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, one and all! What a super set of blogs, so full of sharing, caring and support - so inspiring to see, so full of vibrant energy. Good luck Jason, who so kindly put me in touch with blogger and Hani with whom I have now also become aquainted. Anything is possible when we support one another! Here is to our opening up to all the amazing possibilities that abound. With love and all good wishes, Susanne

Anne Herbert said...

Well done DLOG, it's nice to see you up and at 'em. I will be in touch - I have some stuff that needs doing.


EileenK said...

Congratulations Jason. You're a fantastic printer - I should know, I have used you before and you didn't let me down. You even did the proof reading and layout correction for me, without my having to raise these issues at all, which was a very pleasant surprise. Fast, Efficient and Super good value for money too!

Eileen Koh

Anonymous said...

Go for it Jason.
Good Luck.

Mr C said...


Good luck mate; I'm sure you'll be successful and it will be well deserved!