Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fire Fighting Again

It's always wonderful to see my mentoring clients flourish with their business and last Friday I was at the opening of the new premises of Assured Fire and Security in Rotherham. Their business is booming and right now the safety & security sector is a brilliant place to be with the rise in crimes associated with the recession.

It's nearly a year since I started mentoring the business founder and owner Simon Stokes and I'm really proud that he is doing so well.

As well as my one-to-one mentoring I'm just about to launch a new 'Inner Circle' mentoring programme - watch this space for details.



Stephen said...

100% agree Rachel. Security is the place to be. People need protecting from the recession, but i have found that there are a lot of useless scum piggy backing off it.

good luck with this side of your portfolio. Hopefully you can make a difference.

Stephen said...

did you see the dispatches programme the other night where the expert was charging unemployed senior executives £85 to learn how to shake the interviewers hand.

Those are the people i truly despise.

There is a fine line between entrepreneur and con man.

Anonymous said...

This is happening here in the U.S too. Lots of new businesses springing up all over the place. But there are fewer people working than there are talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Cor blimey, that is hot stuff innit :-)

Stephen said...


Just got a phone call from a security company offering demonstrations of monitored security equipment for my home.

Best way to get me to say yes would be to rob my home and then give me a call a day or two later.

These local security companies are definately learning F.U.D strategies from the information security industry.

Bring it on suckers. Bring it on.

Fredrica said...

Send me you address Stephen. I'm sure we could oblige haahahah. What part of the security business are you in then?

Stephen said...

social security. lol