Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Does Cosmic Ordering Work?

In the week that Noel Edmonds launches his 'Cosmic Ordering' iPhone app, I find myself on a preview call tonight discussing the Law of Attraction and how it has worked in my life...

As I travel the country speaking at events, I'm noticing a sea change in the way people approach life, not to mention huge shifts in my own. Subjects which were once written off as 'New Age' are becoming increasingly mainstream. People are starting to realise that there IS a 'magic' to the Universe, and that when you are tapped into its flow, life becomes joyful, effortless and abundant. Yet when you lose that connection life becomes stressful, frustrating and joyless - and money just seems to dry up.

As someone who has experienced both extremes, increasingly I'm being asked to speak about my entrepreneurial experiences, but from a more esoteric viewpoint. First at the Mind Body & Spirit festival earlier this year, and now at the Transformational Business Summit happening in Brighton from 23 to 25 October.

In tonight's event preview call I'll be talking to the lovely, charismatic Alan Forrest Smith (you may recall he was one of my Marketing Magicians at the British Library event in June) and his partner, the sparkling Transformational Leader Katharine Dever who are organising this amazing event.

We'll be discussing:

- Does the Law of Attraction work?
- Can it yield results for you?
- How can you generate MORE from the Law of Attraction?
- Should you be interested?
- Why doing business in 2009 is the perfect time to succeed.
- Why NOW is the perfect time to be female and in business

It is going to be a fascinating conversation!

I do hope you will be able to join us - it's happening tonight, Tuesday 22 September at 7pm. You can register for the call at http://www.transformationalbusinesssummit.com/freecall.html and you'll be emailed login details. And it's totally FREE.

I look forward to speaking to you later, as well as hopefully seeing you in Brighton in October!




Stephen said...

i don't know about this law of attraction thing Rachel. The only thing i do know is that if people do not take action on their knowledge they won't arrive anywhere soon.

For me doing business now is more about doing your homework than anything else.

If that's law of attraction then cool.

I shall now go back to my "laws of distraction".

Stephen said...

ps. i've asked the universe to deliver me a new Aston Martin DB8 today. I'm going to test this theory to the full.

hmmmm...best time for delivery is 3pm today.

God, i can be so ignorant sometimes..lol

Anne Herbert said...

Hmmm - isn't that how the Law of Attraction works? You vibrate a load of skeptcism and doubt and you receive a load more back and it makes you even more doubtful and skeptical so you will receive your Aston Martin - or not as they case may be?

Stephen said...

Hay Anne, that's exactly the point. You're so right...thanks.

But i've been listening to Mooji and he says...

As long as there is a wanting in you
Especially for someone or something
To make you happy,
This is a sure way
To make yourself
Feel miserable

His point is that the elation of acheivement is not due to reaching your goals but to the relief of now being in a state where the demons of desire no longer trouble you.

Well, until of course you decide to reach for the next challenge and head back through the turmoil again.

Wanting can be such a pain.

Stephen said...

so is the law of attraction a short cut to receiving more, without having to suffer the relentless persecutory demons of desire along the way or is it simply yet another road to disallusionment?

Anne Herbert said...

Forgive me Stephen, Ii hadn't heard of this Mooji chap until I 'googled' him but he sounds like a very wise man. I guess another way of looking at it is if there is a reliance on something or someone to make you happy then you could end up being unhappy because we are always in a state of flux, that someone or something could change... this too shall pass? No situation is ever permanent.
I agree wanting can be a pain but if you are a Bible reader, you might have come across the words of St Paul "...I have learned in whatever state I am, therewith to be content?" He goes on about being in states where he as had plenty (abounded) and states when he has had little (abased) but found contentment in either state.
Is the law of attraction a short cut to receiving more? Reflect a little on Mooji's quote - there is the paradox if we feel 'more' is what makes us content. The issue has to be more of what?
Desire isn't always the demon we make it out to be.

Mr C said...


I fear your problem is not one of attraction, it's just the fact that Aston Martin never made a DB8. Now if only you had wished for a DB9 or Vantage you'd be fine.


Stephen said...

Yes i understand Anne and thanks.

There is no magic, secrets or gurus in business. No untold story that leads to success. The only way i ever acheived anything was by sheer single minded persistence and acceptance that failure was part of the process.

But when i found success, i realised that my elation was not down to my success, but to not having to suffer the sacrifices that got me there in the first place.

So for 25 years I did commit every bone in my body toward the point where i could say... "phew, i won't have to do that all again".

And now i am free not you.

When in actual fact i was always free not to struggle. I just didn't realise it. I didn't realise this whole success thing is really an illusion.

What an absolute waste of 25 years.


Stephen said...

very perceptive Mr C.

I actually wanted something a little bit more special.

Anyway, the fucking thing never arrived.


Stephen said...

From Person to Presence


One answer to a lifetime of failure is to dissolve the concept of success altogether. Failure no longer exists in a world where there no such thing as success.
There is no duality.
Where the person is seen as a dissociated object by the presence.

Really for those people who have decided to find another path to defining their lives.

Anonymous said...

Hello Susanne here, fantastic Rachel, you are flying free-er than ever!!!Quick message for Hanni...trying to reply to your last message Hanni and am being told that your mail box is full - will try again soon!

also a saying: so we believe, so we conceive.

I was sent something today that might be of interest to you Stephen, as well as others that visit Rache’s blog - here is a little snippet…

In a recent article in the scientific journal called ‘Progress In Neurobiology’ called ‘Mind Does Really Matter’, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard comes to the conclusion that trust and positive expectations are capable of influencing (changing) the parts in the brain that play a significant role in perceiving, movement, pain and a whole bunch of emotional processes.
So your mental processes (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, but most of all your conscious free will) can significantly influence the functioning of your brain on various levels. Your conscious and deliberate manipulation of your thoughts and expectations not only greatly improves your feelings of well-being. It also causes a demonstrable biological change in your brain.
So what to make of all this scientific mumbo-jumbo?
Well, here we go…
By waking-the-hell up from the vicious cycle that you may find yourself in, you can make astonishing changes in your perceived reality.
After all, we’ve seen that you see what you believe. Your brain edits the information it receives based on its engrained belief systems to determine what you see. And then what you see is merely a confirmation of what you already believe.
It’s a self-reinforcing cycle, and it’s vicious as long as it’s based on beliefs of negativity, being powerless, being poor, feeling guilty, and so on…
But by waking-the-hell up, you can consciously change your perceptions. You can consciously cause significant, demonstrable biological changes in your brain.
Your brain will change, and your perceptions will change. And as your perceptions will change, your beliefs will change. And as your beliefs change into knowing that you have full power over your own reality, your perceptions will change accordingly.
It’s still a self-reinforcing cycle, but not a vicious one anymore. Both your conscious and your subconscious mind will change into a state in which you genuinely believe down to the core of your being that you’re the one in control. And you can simply pick your beliefs. Your brain, mind and perceptions of your ‘outside reality’ will follow automatically.
I am happy to send the full report to those who wish, simply e-mail me at info@susanneaustin.co.uk

With love and all good wishes, Susanne - Operation Life Clear and Healing Conversations

Hani O'Keeffe said...

Sorry about your Aston Martin DB8 Stephen! lol...Susanne please try emailing again, it should be ok now. I would be interested in reading that article if you don't mind.

Stephen said...

Yes Susanne, but in the highest of our times we only ever believe we are in control.

But the truth is. We are not. Never, Not ever. So that we must get over.

How can we ever be in control of an illusion? Because that is what success is.

All success is is relief from the agitation that brought us that point.

We can puff ourselves up as much as we like, but we are simply chasing illusions.

Best to not bother striving and just let life take us as nature intended.

Are we a better world now that we have purged the natural world of its richness? Are we a better world now that we have replaced human workers with robots? Or diluted the worlds numerous cultures down to some race of sterile, techno-babbling creatures.

No. Striving is what has destroyed our world and in thought of that here is an even more relevant video from the Moojiji.


Anonymous said...

No luck as yet Hani! WAGW Susanne

Anonymous said...

so what the hell are you saying now Stephen? Now you'd have us not doing anything at all. Shall we go back to the caves then?

Stephen said...

anon: Shall we go back to the caves then?

We cannot turn the tide back now.

I guess humanity will continue to WANT away until we have no world left.

Anonymous said...

Its not about control Stephen, and I reiterate ...'so we believe, so we conceive'. You speak so of doom and gloom, so much so I have to enquire as to what you are contributing to make this a better world? Mother Teresa new all about war, she saw first hand the devistation, yet she got on with her role, she fulfilled her purpose to bring love and light into that world.

Here is a quote: "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there" Mother Teresa

Perhaps your perpose is to mither on about the worlds decay and all its inhabitants being worthless beings of nothingness, that is not for me to judge, I simply mention it so that you can ask your soul-self if this ...deep,deep, deep down inside,...is true?

With love and all good wishes, Susanne

Stephen said...

Where should those who care and know BE?

Should they BE within the superficial, insincere, corrupt light defined by the corrupt bourgeosie?

Or should they BE within the blackness that is the true reflection of where the world is today.

What colour is the true reflection of humanities current plight?

We are better off knowing we are sitting in the darkness, than pretending that it is good to BE in the light, defined by the corrupt bourgeosie.

But there will come a time again when men will once again rule in Gods name and then his children can come out and BE in his light again.

For now, i will try and work from within the darkness.

Anonymous said...

Stephen said...
Where should those who care and know BE?

Are we not to BE all we were born to BE… ‘ALL’ we were born to be, not a smidging of our truly incredible, talented and purposeful selves, ‘ALL’.

Stephen said...
Should they BE within the superficial, insincere, corrupt light defined by the corrupt bourgeosie?

In my book I have written a section that covers the matter of your world, my world, sally, john, Susan’s world’s - all of which make up the world! In short, it is all our worlds put together that make up the world. This is how responsible we all are for creating this world!

Stephen said...
Or should they BE within the blackness that is the true reflection of where the world is today.

As I look out of my window I see lush green grass, a powder blue sky, red and golden leaves on the trees, and my writing room is on an industrial estate! There is not much grass, yet what there is I see; the sky 'a- blue abounds over head and the few trees stand out amongst the buildings and make me smile.

What can you see when you look out of your window Stephen?

Stephen said...
What colour is the true reflection of humanities current plight?

It is certainly not just black and light, it is ‘All’ the colours of the rainbow – the symbol of eternal hope!

Stephen said...
We are better off knowing we are sitting in the darkness, than pretending that it is good to BE in the light, defined by the corrupt bourgeosie.

Without doubt it is good to be realistic, to acknowledge both the light and dark sides of ourselves, however it is damaging to our very soul to concentrate on that outside of ourselves and lay blame with him, her, them, it for our own darkness, which by the very nature of the universe ripples outward fuelling itself from both inside and outside.

Do share something that is good that is currently going on in your or the world.

Stephen said...
But there will come a time again when men will once again rule in Gods name and then his children can come out and BE in his light again.

Are we to believe that some entity is going to fall from the sky and save us? Has Jesus not been here amongst us before to do just that - as is written, to save us from our sins, to show us the way?

How many teachers do we need before we take responsibility for ourselves?

In my humble opinion those who are waiting for an outside force to save us are going to wait for very along time. Twill be Gods force from within that will win the day, and at core, God resides in all mankind, along with the majesty of Gods abundant gifts that were bestowed upon us - such as …Love, kindness, light, appreciation, compassion and many more attributes that will bring harmony to this earth.

All we need to do is tune in to them, turn them on, re-ignite them and step from the darkness into the light.

This starts with you and I Stephen; this starts right where we are standing.

Stephen said...
For now, I will try and work from within the darkness.

Working from within the darkness is a great place, as long as we do not stay there forever!
Deborah ford has a great programme that she is currently running called The Shadow Process - here is a link to her website http://www.debbieford.com/

I hope that the sun is shining as brightly with you wherever you may be. I hope also that the sky is as beautifully powdery blue and that you get a chance to walk barefoot upon the grass, walk or better still run amongst some trees today and breath in whatever you are to breath in… and on the out breath, breath out whatever you are to breath out – Enjoy!

With love and light, Susanne

Stephen said...

As i look out my window i deny the scenery and see only the injustices and corruptness of those who hold the greatest of power. What good is nice scenery, when there are small children dying in squalid places. Where those drunk for power play at leadership. Where social harmony is being divided over and and over again by lack of sincere role models.

Yes, i do cry every day Susanne. Some would say this is a mental condition that must be treated.

But look away from the truth. No i will not do that.

Look only at the light, whilst the reality is that many must live in darkness. No.

I spent my life being the superficial me.

Now i am moved to truth.

The truth is only found in the darkness.

This is where many others are forced to live.

I must be there with them in spirit too.

I will no longer comply with the corrupt bourgeosie.

This world needs to be taken by the scruff of the neck and raically changed.

Only this way, can "The One" truly become "The One".

Stephen said...

ps. I would like that neurobiology report you mentioned Susanne.

I will send to info@susanneaustin.co.uk

Thank you


Anonymous said...

In answer to the main question - "Does cosmic ordering work"



EileenK said...

How? I missed the webinar :-(

Also, Hani, I just tried sending you an email asking you if you needed any help or had any ideas of how I could help you since I am gearing up for Nov 7. Your mail box is full.

Thanks, Eileen

Hani O'Keeffe said...

Eileen I will email you, please can you try replying. Don't know what is going on here.


EileenK said...

Hello Hani, I received your email, but cannot respond to you.

Sorry Rachel, don't mean to piggy back on your blog.