Sunday, 6 September 2009

Anonymice Beware!

Those of you who have been following my Blog will know that occasionally I get the odd ranting slagging - usually from an 'Anonymouse' commentator...

So I was interested to read in Felix Dennis's fab magazine The Week about the case of former Vogue model Liskula Cohen who was called a 'psychotic, lying, whoring, skank [slag]' who 'may have been hot 10 years ago' on a Blog. Cohen filed a defamation suit against Google to identify the Blogger's email - and she succeeded. The culprit turned out to be a 29 year old fashion student and vague acquaintance called Rosemary Port.

Liskula phoned Port - and forgave her - then Port threatened to sue Google for $15million for failing to protect her identity!

In the words of the journo who wrote the piece 'As if people who spew venom on the Internet while hiding their identity deserve any. What is the mentality that let's them get in our face while wearing a mask? It's true that anonymity can sometimes serve the public interest. But on the Internet it's often less about being constructive and more about being cowardly.'

Hear Hear !!!


Stephen said...

Yes, these little mice huddle in corners spreading poison about you when you are away at war.

They twitter amd chatter about you whilst you are active on the stage.

They smile sincerely at you when you meet and thank you for serving them well.

And then they go back to huddling in corners spreading poison about you til you are eventually cast out by the poison rain.

Then, poisoned and tainted and cut adrift you are left outside to reconcile the battle.

But the world has moved on and you are left behind in the gutter.

The devil is very much alive and well in UK business.

To hell with the bourgeosie and their frightened, corrupt anonymice.

Mr C said...

Sticks and stones?

By even acknowledging those comments in posts like this you show that they have an impact and thus implicitly invite more of the same. They have no real influence on you so let them go in peace.


Stephen said...

They are damaging Mr C and for a time they can bring you to your knees.

But in time, the anonymice just make you even more determined to shut them up.

Anonymous said...

Sticks & Stones, have to agree.
Ignore the anonymous and they will get fed up, they are bullies, same as the kind you have at school, but these ones here are virtual mice, don't bite at their comments and eventually they will give up. All the time you, I, or anyone else bites back, we just give them more ammo to attack, that is what the mice are looking for, it's a game to them, they have wound someone up, and they revel in it - IGNORE them, or play the game with them, just be rude and insulting to them, they'll soon get fed up.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, thank you for your support shown in your last post. You will note that I do not reply when uncalled for negitivity is thrown in my direction because I have learned over time not to waste precious energy on that which only thrives on stealing the true lifeforce and good energy of others. As you highlight so well in this blog souls such as this thrive on sucking the joy from others. They behave in a negitive fashion because they are filled with darkness that has not yet turned to light. In Neale Donald Walsh's book Bringers of the Light he offers guidance on this. "Briefly stated: As soon as you decide Who and What You Are, everything unlike it will come into the space. There's a lot of pain out there. There's a lot of darkness."

Better to love them, wish them well and wait for them to catch up, because they will, for we all of us are to take the journey to self either by the force of our own souls evolution or choice.

I am so proud of you Rachel and oh so glad we met.

With love and all good wishes, Susanne
Operation Life Clear and Healing Conversations

Stephen said...

All true Susanne, but there are many ugly people and circumstances out there that will dim the flame of love beyond all return.

I have seen and felt this with my own eyes. The growing number of suicides will testify to this.

Many who speak of love, will be found out when they are exposed to the darkness. Others will not be so caught out because they have geniune experience of heartache.

I have found many qualified people who are there to care, but very few who actually do. And still fewer who are able to back up their words with consistent action.

I have been considering the statement "knowledge is power", because there are clearly plenty of people out there with knowledge in positions of power.

But what i have found is that it isn't knowledge that is power, it is your ability to do something practical with it that is power.

Todays society may well be empowered with knowledge, but very few people (and i include myself in that) are able to call it into significant action.

By Rachel's own actions now and in the past, she already knows this.

Hani O'Keeffe said...

Stephen, Mahatma Gandhi's words
you have to 'Be the change you want to see in the world'

Cannot believe how much negativity, spite, hate and ridicule is thrown at people, all because they want to stand in a more gentle and enlightened space.


Stephen said...

I do understand Hani, but i have found that at many times in my own life i thought i was standing in the gentle and enlightened space - when i wasn't!

I thought i was - but i wasn't.

This space cannot be occupied by those with simply good intention or the right knowledge.

This space must be occupied by those with real hard life experience and who have overcome it - and from that bring forth corrective action.

Passed hardship is the only basis for knowing who to trust and who not to trust.

If people haven't seen anything or done anything or tried anything, then i am not listening to them.

Doesn't matter what qualifications they got.

Hani O'Keeffe said...

I've had hardships to satisfy even you Stephen, so I consider myself qualified in that department. As for enlightened space, I hope I question enough to know when I am mistaken and I wouldn't be too proud to stand up and say 'I am wrong'

Stephen said...

My point wasn't aimed in any way at you Hani. My point is aimed at all those so called gurus who describe the way people should be, whilst they are sitting in their cosy armchairs or being worshiped in churches across the globe.

A supposed great man once said to me.

"Be... my Son".

Then proceeded to just sit crosslegged and talk all his life whilst the world was in turmoil.

The man who sits in peace is not an enlightened man. Not in this day and age of poverty and war.

There is a lot more for us to do before we can all sit in peace that is for sure.

Mr A Dragon said...

Yes, down with the Anonymice! Burn the Anonymice! Cast them into the fires of Soddom!

Love Bob.

PS If any anonymice read this, please don't sue me.

Anonymous said...

I empathise with so much of what you say here Stephen, as we all are to meet with hardship in some shape/form or another in our lives. At times we are resilient and at times we are not. Within my own journey I noted that in relation to certain things that happened in my life I had started to say ‘why is this happening to me’ until one day I turned it around and started to say ‘What am I to learn from this’, this was transformational! I went to a therapist (Trichologist) once because my hair had started to fall out in relation to the loss of a family member and I felt very uneasy with him. I didn’t trust him, many had. I was by chance to find out some months later that he was in court and later charged with several cases of indecent assault on his clients. In this case I could consider all therapists to be untrustworthy, all men to be untrustworthy and the world to be a rather sinister place. I thanked God that I had not only learned to listen to my instinct, but follow it! If I had been on the receiving end of his preying ways, I then would have to have dealt with how I would allow this to effect my life, just as I have with other things that I have experienced in my lifetime. As you also allude to, there is much in the world today that is not as we would wish it to be. Yet, as in the quote from Mahatma Gandhi that Hani offered, we are to be the change that we want to see in the world. We cannot do it all by ourselves, however together we can move mountains. So much good is being achieved by so many which we must never loose sight of. In our way, each one of us can add our own contribution however big or small. A smile at a stranger, a kind word, a listening ear! Once we face the reality of what is, we can then choose to react to it in whichever way we will have chosen. For every one that sits there are hundreds that stand, for every one that creates war there are hundreds working on bringing about peace. For the very few that are qualified that do not care there are so very many that do. And on the flame of love, I too was scared once that it might have gone out within me, yet was to find that it never goes out it sometimes simply waits to be re-ignited.

With love and all good wishes, Susanne

Stephen said...


The reptilian mind, the fight or flight primitive brain has been a refuge, away from the ensueing subconcious traumas made manifest by the programming tricks of the bourgeosie.

Is it any wonder that the warrior emerges in the face of the corrupt bourgeosie?

In a world that is bound together by men and women of dishonour, how can true love and peace ever truly exist?

We live in roman times with the corrupt bourgeosie and their hidden fruits.

These people are not responsible for their actions. They will not be held account.

Love is the only thing worth fighting for.

To be the change that we want to see in the world - we must fight for it.

I know that now.

Love & light

Anonymous said...

You sound more like a revolutionary Stephen, than an entrepreneur.

Beth Dix

Anonymouse said...

Does anyone on here actually know the whole story between these two women?

In my opinion, people don't just target a person without that person provoking or doing something to them.

I wonder what it was exactly that Cohen said to Port's boyfriend to inspire the blog, if that is even what inspired it.

In one article a friend of Port's says that she reacted out of emotion. It's also fact that Port only made posts on the "blog" on one day. There were no other posts.

In my opionion I hypothesize that Cohen, being a press hungry person (aka fame hungry) likes to search for herself online. She probably came across the blog and was wondering who would have done that.

Maybe she thought: "Who did I screw over that would want to do this to me?"
She may not be an angel to have to wonder who would do this to her?? Do people really have that many "frenemeies" to have to sue to find out?

Now for some real questions:

If Cohen said that Port was just someone she saw at restaurants and parties then how did Port get the pics for her blog?

I suspect that it was from a social networking site (facebook, friendster, myspace) where people like to post pictures of themselves for the web users to see.....

Why did Cohen drop the defamation suit?

I suspect it's because, in my opinion, she is not the person she wants to portray herself to the media as and doesn't want all of her skeletons to come out of the closet to prove Port's blog held truth or that she had started the "skank fight".

Just thinking, LOGICALLY

Stephen said...


The only thing that matters is that you are the Anonymouse and nobody wants to listen to you.

If you want a voice you better stop playing "Fart im the Wind" and be a real person.

I know this because i have been struggling to be a real person again myself and know that you can only truly be trusted when you have the balls to stand and speak as yourself.

So please stop hiding behind the fascade and taking pot shots at Rachel. We know exactly where you are coming from and you won't be taken seriously.