Saturday, 29 August 2009

Introducing Jack Stone

On Thursday evening Sue Stone, my husband and I went to a lovely event on the Super Yacht in Bristol in aid of HOPE - a Charity which aids Helpless, Orphaned, Poor and Exploited children worldwide.

The founder told the lovely story of an old lady who supported the charity by knitting a teddy bear every day until she died... I was lucky enough to acquire one of the teddy bears on the evening for the bargain price of £100 and I have named him Jack Stone.

He will now be accompanying me on all my adventures!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Wikipedia Profile

Re: My Wikipedia Profile all I can say is what a load of INACCURATE CRAP

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lovely BBQ

We had the most wonderful BBQ last night at my home for all my clients and 'Inner Circle' contacts. Pictured in the centre is the lovely Sue Stone, Personal Empowerment Coach, Mark Sheahan Inventor in Residence at the British Library and Marie-Claire Carlyle feng shui guru, business coach and author of 'How To Be A Money Magnet'.

Our next event will be on the evening of Thursday 10 December at the British Library Terrace London - watch this space for details!

Friday, 21 August 2009

You're Rich, Gimme Some Of It !!!

As we seem to be hung up on the question of money in this Blog of late I thought I'd give vent to something which consistently annoys me...

And that is the way that prices automatically go UP when someone perceives you to be rich and famous. I get this ALL THE TIME - whether it's with handymen who come and do work at my house, freelancers who submit humongous bills for simple jobs or people who give me quotes on projects, to name but a few.

The thought process is 'She's rich so I deserve some of it' - and I can tell you there is no quicker way for you to lose business and/or clients with anyone you perceive to be loaded.

Doesn't just apply to people of course, it applies to corporates (although it's much easier to get away with when you're dealing with executives spending someone else's money).

The entrepreneurs who TRULY benefit from 'high profile clients' are the ones who recognise that, if anything, we are far more stingy than the average customer (most rich people got there in the first place by being ruthless with money, and habits stick) - but that the PR/publicity/referral benefit of dealing with us will yield £££ for you in the long term.

So next time you want to get a 'celebrity' client on your books, it's a smart move to offer it FOR FREE !!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Lightning Bolt !

How amazing it was to watch the inspiration on my 13 year old son's face watching Usain Bolt run to victory. What a brilliant iconic hero for our children to have! Can't wait to see him in the 200 metre race tonight...

Friday, 14 August 2009

The August Doldrums

August is deathly quiet in the enterprise sector, no events running, clients away on holiday, so instead of fight it I have decided to use the time to be on 'input'
; to think and plan for the coming year and work out a strategy of what's really important in my life.

And as part of this 'cocooning' process I went down to Bournemouth to have a session with Life and Happiness coach Sue Stone. You may remember Sue was one of the speakers at the Marketing Magicians event in June and you may have seen her on SKYTV at the time of Jade Goody's death as she was helping Jade through the process of her terminal illness.

It's amazing what you can learn from a professional and I have come out of the session with a completely new set of affirmations and aspirations, far less focussed on material outcomes and far more focussed on success in its truest form - living a fulfilled and abundant life.

If you are feeling as though life is not working out and perhaps you have lost your way a little I'd really recommend a session with Sue - to restore the clarity and get your energy flowing again.

Have a lovely Friday!


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Why BA is in trouble

Those of you who listened in to my webinar last week with transformational life coach and feng shui guru Marie Claire Carlyle will know that your surroundings have a huge impact on your life, and as it is for individuals, so it is for business.

So I was interested to read about BA's huge losses announced this week.

I remember reading a feng shui article on British Airways new Waterside head office shortly after they moved there. BA did get a feng shui consultant in to look at the building but only AFTER the architects had planned the main design.

If you have ever been to the building you will know that there is a river running through it. This might sound like a novel idea, and generally water features are good feng shui, but a river running through your building is a feng shui disaster. As is building a house over an underground stream or even having significant waste pipes running underneath your property.

There's also a large lake behind the building; water is good but it is destabilising running behind; it is much better to have a meandering river or lake in front of your property with the flow running towards your front door (not away).

Those of you who don't believe in feng shui may well pooh pooh all this but it is interesting that since moving to Waterside BA has fallen apart with disaster after disaster, now culminating in multi million losses which threaten the company with liquidation.

Low cost solution Willie Walsh, get rid of the river - and replace it with a pathway of golden bricks.

Have a lovely week!