Friday, 14 August 2009

The August Doldrums

August is deathly quiet in the enterprise sector, no events running, clients away on holiday, so instead of fight it I have decided to use the time to be on 'input'
; to think and plan for the coming year and work out a strategy of what's really important in my life.

And as part of this 'cocooning' process I went down to Bournemouth to have a session with Life and Happiness coach Sue Stone. You may remember Sue was one of the speakers at the Marketing Magicians event in June and you may have seen her on SKYTV at the time of Jade Goody's death as she was helping Jade through the process of her terminal illness.

It's amazing what you can learn from a professional and I have come out of the session with a completely new set of affirmations and aspirations, far less focussed on material outcomes and far more focussed on success in its truest form - living a fulfilled and abundant life.

If you are feeling as though life is not working out and perhaps you have lost your way a little I'd really recommend a session with Sue - to restore the clarity and get your energy flowing again.

Have a lovely Friday!



Mr A Dragon said...

I get to reply first!

For me, being in business has never been about money being the only measure or what it can buy you.

For me money is about security and choice and if you use these sorts of measures, you dont have to earn a vast fortune to be happy.

Of course if you do earn a vast fortune so much the better, but if having as much money as possible is your only goal, you will never reach it (you always want more) and so ultimately, you will never be happy.


Love Bob


julesbrad said...

You mentioned the Marketing Magicians event - are the DVDs ready yet as I am waiting patiently for my copy.

Really desperate to start using the info to help me market a couple of online projects.

Anonymous said...

now there's a thing Bob, I actually agree with you 100%

Stephen said...

I am stubborn where money is concerned.

I spent a lot of years being bullied by money (wealthy people) and playing its numerous deceitful games.

So i gave up on it; but its distaste just never seems to go away.

If it doesn't come to me - then i will never go to it.

I am prepared to wait a lifetime - and i very definately will.

decrypt that Sue.

Anonymous said...

@Stephen. Interesting. Chasing money made you run away from it and never come back. What do you do for money these days then? How can you survive doing it that way?

Mr C said...

Money is to business what breathing is to your average bloke. It may not define your existence but it sure as hell is essential to it.

Like breathing, wealth creation is not much of an end in and of itself. Its what you choose to do with it that counts.

Its true you can be happy with no money but that sort of misses the point too. If you're happy without money, trust me, you'll be much happier with it.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

I didn't realise my post was about money - although that is how it has been interpreted...

I have at various times in my life been very rich and very poor but actually the real measure was whether I FELT rich or poor. It is possible to feel rich with just £100 in your pocket and poor even though you may be running a £multi-million company.

Real riches thus actually have very little to do with money.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

PS Jules Brad your DVD should have arrived today! They were all sent by 1st class post yesterday.

Apologies for the delay


julesbrad said...

Hi Rachel

Received the Marketing Magicians DVDs - thanks so much.

From reading the cover, it sounds like the exact info I've been looking for to help promote online businesses.

Hopefully you will make use of the info on the DVDs to promote the DVDs as the content is just what many businesses need to capitalise their online presence.

Thanks again

Stephen said...

Yes, i guess that's my point.

Money is not required to have riches.

I learnt this the hard way, but am glad i learnt it.

Kevin said...

Money - My mum tells me all the time "kevin you may have money and feel safe, but I as your mum get a real sense of wealth from cleaning every day"

And I agree with her!. She has never had a yearning to make a business or to make any more than the average person..

I wonder what happend to me? Hmmn ponderville - how do I get the Marketing Magicians DVD?


Stephen said...

I see a great many people pushing NLP techniques and other methods to "reprogram the subconcious mind".

Every time someone seeks this kind of experience they are effectively saying that they are not in touch with their true feelings and they give control of their feelings over to some outside "expert influence".

As if someone outside, knows more about them than they do.

These external influences are damaging because they ensure that those seeking help develop dependency on those offering it.

This is a very unhealthy dependancy as the maintanence of happiness is then shared with this outside influence.

When they abandon you - you become desperate. When they serve you, you kneel before them.

I say; stay away from professionals bearing such gifts.

You might just get into more than you bargained for.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I have been a little slow at adding the DVD to my site but it should be available for purchase there soon. If you'd like it quicker, email me at



Mr C said...

Money is like a sociopathic carrot.


Mr A Dragon said...

"Its true you can be happy with no money but that sort of misses the point too. If you're happy without money, trust me, you'll be much happier with it."

While I usually agree with you C, in this case I dont fully.

Look at all those lottery winners who go off the rails, become unhappy and loose all their friends. Money hasnt made them happy, in fact its had the reverse effect...

Maybe thats to do with the way and speed they have aquired it and also that they never seem to be as deserving as me!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, money doesn't buy happiness, but it certainly gives you the availability to have far more options.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


If that is your belief system then it will be true for you.

Most people spend their life chasing money and when they get to the point of having it realise that it was a mirage - and return to the simple pleasures they did not feel gratitude for the first time around.


Anonymous said...

So do i take it that you agree with my philosophy/opinion.

Stephen said...

So true Rachel.