Thursday, 17 January 2008

The death of the 'Alpha Female'

According to a survey by Business Link, which is featured today on the StartUps site, the person budding entrepreneurs would be most scared of pitching their business to is Dragons’ Den panellist Deborah Meaden.

The poll questioned 720 aspiring entrepreneurs, and Meaden received a fifth of all the votes. This compared to a mere 10% for Bannatyne, Jones and Paphitis.

Afsana Shukur, head of diversity and equality at Business Link London, sheds some light on the matter:

“There is no denying that Deborah's passion and direct approach has helped make her the successful business woman she is today. It’s unfortunate though, that many successful businesswomen tend to be viewed as domineering and aggressive.”

Over three years on, I am still trying to shake off my 'Dragon Bitch' persona - and I don't think I was anywhere near as hard as Deborah on the entrepreneurs who pitched in the Den.

It's a real shame that Deborah Meaden still portrays the old pinstriped 'Alpha Female' 1980's stereotype (although she did eventually soften her look for series 5) - she is after all a role model for all who watch the Show, which includes many young girls looking for someone to emulate.

But then if Deborah were any 'nicer' the BBC would have thrown her off the Show by now, as happened to Richard Farleigh and Simon Woodroffe before him.

I meet women in business at events all the time these days, and it so refreshing that the majority are feminine, sexy, supportive and collaborative - as well as being fabulously successful.

Being feminine and successful in business are no longer mutually exclusive.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Cosmic Ordering

This may sound like a strange departure from previous posts, but one of the things I am investigating this New Year is how people have utilised Cosmic Ordering to help them in their business.

Let me explain...

Lots of writers have talked about utilising the 'Power of the Universe' in achieving business success; it is a theme which runs through Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and it is also the basis of the cult DVD The Secret. Essentially it is based on the Law of Attraction - whatever you focus on most will ultimately manifest in your life.

And whenever I mention it at business events (usually only those mainly attended by women I must admit), as well as many heads nodding in the audience, ladies always come up to me afterwards with their stories of how they have used 'Cosmic Ordering' to attract new customers, the exact amount of money they needed just in the nick of time, or key contacts to help them with a problem in business through the strangest of coincidences.

I've also been told of how the Law of Attraction has worked against people through accidentally focusing on the negative - for example, the woman who hated her car and constantly told her husband she 'wanted to get rid of it' - only to have it written off in a car crash a couple of weeks later.

So my question to you is, have you experienced this phenomenon in business?

If so, please either post and let me know or email me at I would be interested to hear your stories!

Alternatively, if you think it is a load of rubbish, I am sure you will be forthright in your views, as ever.

Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year, New Opportunity

I am currently helping a CEO develop his media/design business; as a result he's looking for a right hand man to handle business development, key client liaison and marketing. I've agreed to place this post on my Blog in case there is anyone out there who might be interested in this role?

Essentially it is a fairly senior executive position, ideal for someone who is based in the Yorkshire area (the business is based in Rotherham), but who is happy to travel to visit clients/prospective clients UK wide, especially London. Someone who is proactive, with great presentation skills and the ability to manage clients at a fairly senior level within SME size companies (£5m - £30m T/O). Experience within the design/print/marketing sectors would be really helpful.

The salary would be according to experience but is around the £30k-£40k level.

If you are interested, please email Yosef on with your details/CV.