Friday, 11 January 2008

Cosmic Ordering

This may sound like a strange departure from previous posts, but one of the things I am investigating this New Year is how people have utilised Cosmic Ordering to help them in their business.

Let me explain...

Lots of writers have talked about utilising the 'Power of the Universe' in achieving business success; it is a theme which runs through Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and it is also the basis of the cult DVD The Secret. Essentially it is based on the Law of Attraction - whatever you focus on most will ultimately manifest in your life.

And whenever I mention it at business events (usually only those mainly attended by women I must admit), as well as many heads nodding in the audience, ladies always come up to me afterwards with their stories of how they have used 'Cosmic Ordering' to attract new customers, the exact amount of money they needed just in the nick of time, or key contacts to help them with a problem in business through the strangest of coincidences.

I've also been told of how the Law of Attraction has worked against people through accidentally focusing on the negative - for example, the woman who hated her car and constantly told her husband she 'wanted to get rid of it' - only to have it written off in a car crash a couple of weeks later.

So my question to you is, have you experienced this phenomenon in business?

If so, please either post and let me know or email me at I would be interested to hear your stories!

Alternatively, if you think it is a load of rubbish, I am sure you will be forthright in your views, as ever.


Mr Robot said...

I can recommend the Psychology of Achievement from Brian Tracy. Watch this hour long online video.

Also, i once visualised attracting investors to sell my brand for millions (and it worked) - then i visualised not having any money - (and that worked too). I have also visualised being sacked, losing friends and talking rubbish - and it really does

bluemonkey said...

Isn't it just positive thinking? If the universe was influenced by thought, then how did Hitler live so long?

Admittedly, I don't know much about this, but it really sounds like astrology/religion/tarot/faith healing.

robert said...

i think these anecdotes has more to do with a person's hard work as a result of focusing on something very intensely. It has very little to do with 'cosmic odering' or any other 'supernatural' phenomenon.

I've found in business, people make their own luck, and the harder you hack away at it, the more chances you have of geting a lucky break.

Paying too attention on 'forces' beyond your controll makes you less reliant on your own abilities to get the job done.

Just speaking from my past experiences : )

Rachel Elnaugh said...


But that's exactly the point - the forces ARE within your control...

The problem is, the majority of people have negative thoughts (that'll never happen, I could never do that, I'll never be rich, I bet they'll say no, etc etc)


Mr Robot said...

If you think about it. The whole world is a force field of intention. From a tiny acorn intending to become a tree to a young entrepreneur intending to become wealthy and perhaps do some good with this wealth.

The trick is to be able to align your thoughts with this force field. I read Wayne Dyers book Power of Intention (ISBN-13: 9781401902162), but was having a nervous breakdown at the time - so forget the concept. I also know that Noel Edmonds used the power of summoning the Gods to help him get back on the TV.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Mr Robot

Sorry to ask this so publicly but what is it like to have a nervous breakdown? How do you know if you are having one?

I feel sure I have deserved one with everything have been through.. Maybe I had one and did not notice?

Sorry, I do not mean to be flippant - I hope you understand where I am coming from.


PS This is not a Cosmic Order you understand :-)

Mr Robot said...

A nervous breakdown is something you treat yourself to, when you want to realise that the game isn't real. It is the ultimate weapon for dealing with the karma of loss, fear and ignorance.

It is the highest stakes game of all - because if you lose the game - you end up killing yourself.

It is like a hacker hacking his own mind. Hacking his own body.

In order to cleanse his soul and to finally reach enlightment.

The stakes are high - but i feel sure the journey will be worth it.

Do not try this at home kids!!

Ian said...

Isn't this the same as;
"The more I practice the luckier I seem to get"
or as my old business mentor used to say, "you must believe that you will succeed if only because you are in business"

It's like juggling really (yes Rachel,I can juggle, it's something I treat myself too when I realise that the situation is about as real as it can get)
You concentrate your mind on one thing for a while, say new customer base, or customer retention and behold, because that has your time it goes well.
The trick then is to keep that going while you get the next ball in the air.
Ah business, you gotta love it...
I still do and I already bombed twice.

Mr Robot said...

It is a way of destroying ego, which is essential in order to flush the old karma and move on.

Having a nervous breakdown can be likened to being in a spin dryer, whilst your torturer shows you scarey images of what is before you, at the same time as turning off the oxygen supply and kicking you repeatedly in the stomach. It totally disables you and you find yourself panicking irrationally on planes, trains, enclosed spaces, avoiding hot air, workplaces, mildily stressful events and essentially being an absolutely pain in the arse to your friends and family.

I can recommend it to anyone who wants to grow up and realise the truth of Gods great adventure.

Chris (MCC) said...

Going back to the Cosmic thingy...

I have personally always had the attitude when looking at a super yacht or super car and say to myself that will be mine. While other lemmings of this world look at them and laugh while saying "your never own one of them" my answer is "WHY NOT???"

So far in my business career I started at the age of 16 lost thousands and had a very bad start and a bit naive got conned and almost went bankrupt. I am now almost 24 been working on a project that has more potential than anything else I have ever worked on. My new business Dream Marine is just coming together fantastically and already in talks for my first sales worth thousands.

Every problem I have had I always said it's only another hurdle. I look back 7-8 years ago and I didn't know what I do now. I now negotiate get the best deals never let anyone mis lead me, I am a git in meetings because I know what I want and doesn't take long before I get it at the right price.

Call it cosmic, luck, hard work or determination but with the right attitude anything is possible and things have a habit to turn out right in the end. Make the best out of every situation.

Take it Easy,

Byrne said...

Dear Rachel

I am delighted someone else sussed the connection between Napolean Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'. I am a great believer in both and can definitely see the connection. I used to ponder on the synchronicity of events such as clients suddenly calling me out of the blue to do business when I was being busy. I used to think of these coincidences in terms of 'divine intervention' as though God was looking after he who looks after himself. It is amazing how Napolean Hills book written in the thirties is a relevant today as it was then and is so in sinc with Cosmic Ordering. I have used Cosmic Ordeing over the past couple of years and it is remakably accurate in its application. Just be really careful not to order things you do not want because the law of attraction doesn't destinguish between positive and negative vibration of thought. A good book for you to read in connection with all of this is 'Ask and it is given' A really weird but interesting book touching on the same subject.