Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year, New Opportunity

I am currently helping a CEO develop his media/design business; as a result he's looking for a right hand man to handle business development, key client liaison and marketing. I've agreed to place this post on my Blog in case there is anyone out there who might be interested in this role?

Essentially it is a fairly senior executive position, ideal for someone who is based in the Yorkshire area (the business is based in Rotherham), but who is happy to travel to visit clients/prospective clients UK wide, especially London. Someone who is proactive, with great presentation skills and the ability to manage clients at a fairly senior level within SME size companies (£5m - £30m T/O). Experience within the design/print/marketing sectors would be really helpful.

The salary would be according to experience but is around the £30k-£40k level.

If you are interested, please email Yosef on with your details/CV.




Mr Robot said...


I was wondering Rachel, why you think that RLD is not having so much success. Do you think they have been mis-marketing the company?

Should they be concentrating on an exclusive marketplace vs. anyone who walks in to W.H Smiths?

Business Ideas said...

"The salary would be according to age"

Really? Is that legal in light of the new Age Discrimination laws?

Mr Robot said...

Can't see that the age law would effect real entrepreneurs. I mean -look hold old Duncan Banatyne is - and it hasn't affected him getting on...

GuyClapperton said...

Surely the whole point about RLD is that it made the mistake of going down the WH Smiths/Sainsbury route - you make next to nothing out of that sort of sale, the retailer takes the vast majority of the money. Oh, and it's all done on sale or return...