Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm #5 Hot British Babe !!!

Well lots of curious things have happened in my life but nothing stranger than finding myself #5 Hot British Babe as a result of Dragons' Den now airing on BBCAmerica...

OK I will admit it may have something to do with the dominatrix outfit (do you know how difficult it is to get into a rubber catsuit and walk around on 8 inch platform heels?) but the photoshoot was certainly fun !!!


Friday, 27 February 2009

Great Energy!

For the latest in my series of webinars I interviewed the award winning entrepreneur Scott Fletcher at the HQ of his IT solutions company ANS in Manchester. Scott has built ANS from nothing to a £10million turnover PLUS listed company with a market cap of c£16million - which makes £1.4million profit a year - in just over a decade. And ANS is still growing despite the recession.

During the webinar Scott shared his secrets of getting a business off the ground from a standing start, how to grow exponentially and some of the sales tools he has used to win business from his competitors. He also answered a selection of questions from the webinar attendees.

It was also interesting for me being in the same room with Scott and hearing him talk about his business to notice just how much passion and energy he has for his company!

We'll be putting the webinar on the site shortly.

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You can also follow Scott's comings and goings on Twitter .

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sad News

Just back from London and a bit in shock to see the Evening Standard front page news that David Cameron's son died this morning...

I spend a lot of time away from home, so busy, busy, busy - and get back home to hugs and kisses from my lovely five boys. Gosh how sometimes we take such wonderful things in life for granted.

My sincere condolences to David and his family.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Seth, all is forgiven !!!

Wow, what an event.

We went to see Seth Godin speak in London yesterday and I have to say he was truly brilliant. I take back anything I may have said about ego or arrogance, he came across as a brilliant thinker, a genius ideas man and a genuinely nice guy.

He was also kind enough to sign my copy of Purple Cow (my favourite marketing book ever) which I will now treasure forever.

Oh and by the way C, my 'son' was the lovely young Stefan our prizewinner of the free ticket - an entrepreneur from Birmingham already on his second business at the age of 17.

There was a lot said about tribes (Seth's new book)and if you would like to join mine please go to my website and register for free.

That will also get you access to our first live webinar this afternoon (Wednesday 18th February) from 4pm on the subject of driving sales - with my friend and special guest, the business coach, sales expert and wealth guru Paul Avins.

Look forward to hearing from you on the call.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Come see Seth with me!

For the past couple of months I have been working with the brilliant MikeB (a regular commentator on this Blog, who finally caught up with me in person at last year's Business Start Up Show) to create a new online business coaching service which is going live this Thursday 12 February.

To celebrate the launch we are inviting one lucky subscriber a free ticket (worth £100) to come to see marketing guru Seth Godin with Mike and me for his only UK speaking gig this year - in central London on the afternoon of 17 February 2009. Plus we'll take you for a drink or three afterwards.

Signing up is FREE and will also get you FREE access to my private member's forum - like this Blog, except everyone can post and share as well as help us get to know you and your business better. Already people in my 'mastermind group' are generating lots of extra business (as well as many new friends!) through working together.

So if you'd like to come on 17 February click here now.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Shining Through!

I did a speaking event at the University of Hertfordshire last year and a young Nigerian business student called Kelvin came up to me and told me how much he would like to work with me. I told him I'd just taken on an 'Apprentice' so unfortunately that vacancy was filled, but nonetheless he insisted I put his number in my phone so that any time I needed any help I should call on him and he would be there.

So there Kelvin's number sat, until Friday when I was in London, due to do the Franchise Show at Excel and my own Apprentice Richard was unable to make it due to the snow. So I looked through my phone for people who I might be able to call upon in my hour of need - and of course came across Kelvin. He responded immediately and jumped on a train with his fellow business student John and we had a great time at the Show - meeting entrepreneurs, selling copies of my book Business Nightmares and helping promote my new online business coaching service.

I should also thank entrepreneur Chris Yates who also responded - he appeared at the Growing Business Show a couple of years earlier and helped me out for which I helped him by mentoring him plus a free place on my Entrepreneurial Masterclass - his company Dream Marine is now slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the yacht charter sector, despite turbulent economic times.

It's this kind of 'can do' attitude that makes entrepreneurs so different to the rest of the population - and it's why I love spending all my time now in the company of people who run their own businesses.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


At a time when everyone is moaning about the Recession and the Credit Crunch it is great to be involved with a growing UK business...

I first helped kid's wall mural company Walltastic in 2008 on a consultancy basis; first thing we did was to re-brand them (handled by my brilliant designer Tom at Atom Create); their business is now taking off and they distribute in countries worldwide and are on target for PROFITABLE T/O of £1million this year...

On Monday I officially joined then as non-exec director - here I am with CEO Julian Evans at this week's Spring Fair at the NEC.