Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sad News

Just back from London and a bit in shock to see the Evening Standard front page news that David Cameron's son died this morning...

I spend a lot of time away from home, so busy, busy, busy - and get back home to hugs and kisses from my lovely five boys. Gosh how sometimes we take such wonderful things in life for granted.

My sincere condolences to David and his family.


Stephen said...

I cannot think of anything more heartbreaking than losing a child.

God Bless him.

2009 said...

This is horribble as I was driving home I was somewhat thinking of several emotional things, I wish him the best.

It has happend to me also, I never recover, we never forget.

Bless David and his wife.


Cranberry said...

Heartbreaking indeed.

Amazing to see party politics suspended in honour. It just shows we can all pull in the same direction when we want to.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad, sad loss.

God Bless the Cameron family.