Sunday, 8 February 2009

Entrepreneurial Spirit Shining Through!

I did a speaking event at the University of Hertfordshire last year and a young Nigerian business student called Kelvin came up to me and told me how much he would like to work with me. I told him I'd just taken on an 'Apprentice' so unfortunately that vacancy was filled, but nonetheless he insisted I put his number in my phone so that any time I needed any help I should call on him and he would be there.

So there Kelvin's number sat, until Friday when I was in London, due to do the Franchise Show at Excel and my own Apprentice Richard was unable to make it due to the snow. So I looked through my phone for people who I might be able to call upon in my hour of need - and of course came across Kelvin. He responded immediately and jumped on a train with his fellow business student John and we had a great time at the Show - meeting entrepreneurs, selling copies of my book Business Nightmares and helping promote my new online business coaching service.

I should also thank entrepreneur Chris Yates who also responded - he appeared at the Growing Business Show a couple of years earlier and helped me out for which I helped him by mentoring him plus a free place on my Entrepreneurial Masterclass - his company Dream Marine is now slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the yacht charter sector, despite turbulent economic times.

It's this kind of 'can do' attitude that makes entrepreneurs so different to the rest of the population - and it's why I love spending all my time now in the company of people who run their own businesses.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed 'can do' attitudes which make a difference in this world, and long may they be promoted. However, I think unfair to limit to entrepreneurs .... There are plenty of people out there who don't run their own business but have an equally willing capacity to help others and make things work. I fear you maybe limiting yourself to a certain sector of 'can doers' in restricting the company you keep ...I am sure that Kelvin was keen to obtain your good reference so had his own particular motivations!

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Entrepreneurs occur everywhere, whether they run their own business or work for others... It is the spirit that is important - and that is what I am talking about.

I notice 'entrepreneurs' everywhere, they are the ones who burn with great energy and who are always willing to go the extra mile.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

PS Of course Kelvin was keen to obtain my 'good reference'! Why does it denigrate his actions for him to have had a motive? Isn't that what 'motivation' means? Taking positive action to secure your goals, dreams and ambitions in life?

Anonymous said...


I fully agree with you, I just wanted to point out that this spirit is not just found in those that run their own business, indeed it is normally those working within a business with this attitude who foster its success, especially in these turbulent times....

This spirit needs to be celebrated and not stifled which I fear it maybe in some larger corporations, and unfortunately as I am learning to my cost, easily taken advantage of within society

Dave (don't want to be associated with the utterly appalling anonymous on the other blog!) said...


It was a pleasure to be of service again last Friday. It was also great to meet both Kelvin & John. I am sure I will be seeing both these guys in the press, in the future.

Kindest Regards,

Chris Yates
Dream Marine

Also the new website is, not

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