Friday, 27 February 2009

Great Energy!

For the latest in my series of webinars I interviewed the award winning entrepreneur Scott Fletcher at the HQ of his IT solutions company ANS in Manchester. Scott has built ANS from nothing to a £10million turnover PLUS listed company with a market cap of c£16million - which makes £1.4million profit a year - in just over a decade. And ANS is still growing despite the recession.

During the webinar Scott shared his secrets of getting a business off the ground from a standing start, how to grow exponentially and some of the sales tools he has used to win business from his competitors. He also answered a selection of questions from the webinar attendees.

It was also interesting for me being in the same room with Scott and hearing him talk about his business to notice just how much passion and energy he has for his company!

We'll be putting the webinar on the site shortly.

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Stephen said...

Facinating Rachel. IT solutions is a very tough business and takes someone a bit special to build it to that level.

Bit like Jim Chapman at Triangle Group.

julesbrad said...

I have emailed you about this before (and thanks for the response I reveived) but thought I had to mention it again as I think you are missing a great opportunity here.

Rather than these webinars/interviews/mentoring sessions being a one off event, why not create a DVD course out of them so that people who can't attend, do have the opportunity of buying the DVD course for £99 or £199.

This would open up a massive market for you as there is no limit to the number of DVD you can sell whereas there is a limit on the number of attendees you can have at any one time. Having the DVD course would also mean people would not have to take days off work to attend but could watch them at their leisure.

Many business questions would be repeated again and again during the various seminars and so if you include many of the most common ones in the DVD course, people would find it very useful.

Hopefully, others will have comments about this opportunity.

Cranberry said...

It's a very good point.

What about making the webinars downloadable rather than having to wait for a dvd to arrive in the post? said...

It Does sound like a good Idea to have the DVD, or a downloadable session I would have been inclined to have bought it.

I sent rachel an email on wednesday to praise her book and also to ask for some mini advise I have had no reply (I understand busy people)
But I have got the feeling I won't get a reply as I had sent one months ago and this was ignored I am upset after spening money on the book, and saving a few hundred to try and attend the business speaking event at the british library.. I did have the money but could not rite a cheque as my account does not have the facility for some reason..
Since this It seems I am to be ignored.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Kev

I do try to reply personally to everyone who writes to me, although I admit if I am super-busy and I get lots of emails I do sometimes lapse - so please re-send your email to and I'll watch out for it...

Re: the webinars/DVD ideas yes MikeB is pressing me to look at all these things, it's really a case of how much we can do within all the things we want to do - we've spent 10 weeks getting to the stage of go live and out of just 110 sign-ups in week one we already got 30 people on Thursday's call...

My aim now is to bring as much interesting people/content to the site as possible whether in the form of webinars, DVDs or downloadable content.

If you're interested in signing up you should do so now while we're in the introductory phase and we're making much of this free.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


Kev said...

Hi Rachel,

I will re send the email, and I will sign up for the free phase.