Sunday, 2 August 2009

Why BA is in trouble

Those of you who listened in to my webinar last week with transformational life coach and feng shui guru Marie Claire Carlyle will know that your surroundings have a huge impact on your life, and as it is for individuals, so it is for business.

So I was interested to read about BA's huge losses announced this week.

I remember reading a feng shui article on British Airways new Waterside head office shortly after they moved there. BA did get a feng shui consultant in to look at the building but only AFTER the architects had planned the main design.

If you have ever been to the building you will know that there is a river running through it. This might sound like a novel idea, and generally water features are good feng shui, but a river running through your building is a feng shui disaster. As is building a house over an underground stream or even having significant waste pipes running underneath your property.

There's also a large lake behind the building; water is good but it is destabilising running behind; it is much better to have a meandering river or lake in front of your property with the flow running towards your front door (not away).

Those of you who don't believe in feng shui may well pooh pooh all this but it is interesting that since moving to Waterside BA has fallen apart with disaster after disaster, now culminating in multi million losses which threaten the company with liquidation.

Low cost solution Willie Walsh, get rid of the river - and replace it with a pathway of golden bricks.

Have a lovely week!



Mr C said...

How do you have a river flowing towards your front door as presumably it must also flow away from it?

Just curious.


Kev said...

Yes but it is surrounded by the water and it isnt good practise is business terms, in relation to this article feng shui.

I was on the webinair and found it excellent, I have since cleaned my car and do you know what??

I have not had as many red lights and not felt as stressed out - Seriously (well the lights are debateable)... Cleanliness and zero clutter is the way forward..

Like in the WW2 there was a saying "a clear plate means a clear Conscience"..

And no I am not 70 odd I am 23, my Nanna taught me well..


Anonymous said...

Seems like a huge waste of the shareholder's capital.

While I do agree that 'de-cluttering' is an excellent way to make it seem as if your life is better, I think at times corporations go out of their way to waste funds on foolishness like feng shui. Executives seem to forget that their capital belongs to their shareholders. It would be interesting to know how much additional capital this wasted effort cost and whether or not it had a negative environmental impact.

Of course, with the hydrocarbons, sulfur particulates, carbon dioxide and noise pollution spewed by the planes, what's the problem with some ground water ecosystem damage?

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Mr C

As you stand at your front door and look at the river the flow it should be coming towards you not flowing away.

Of course if the river runs exactly parallel to your front door the flow will just be running past... Most rivers do meander a bit though!

I would be more than happy to come and do your feng shui:-)


Mr C said...

One day maybe ;-)

I'm still slightly curious about the river thing as it strikes me that most buildings are built parallel to the flow.

On a simpler note how should I arrange the desk in my office. What should I face (door, window, wall?)


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Mr C

The best place for you to sit is with your back to a wall and sitting facing the door so you can see who is coming in, this improves your power.

A feng shui consultant once told me anyone you want (subtly) to leave, sit them with their back facing the door. makes them feel de-stablilised and vulnerable and far cheaper than going down normal HR routes :-)


Stephen said...

When i wanted to leave a company i once cleared my room out completely in the spirit of Fungy Shwayyyy.

It was completely cleared out as if i was going to leave.

Then one day some one turned up from HR with my P45 and a lot of money.

It really does work!!!!


Rachel Elnaugh said...

I'll try that later!

Trouble is, I don't have an HR department :-)