Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Wikipedia Profile

Re: My Wikipedia Profile all I can say is what a load of INACCURATE CRAP


The Prof. said...

What is inaccurate; it would help us judgeif you could give us an idea.

Wikipedia biogs are notoriously incorrect, particuarly when edited by the subject. I guess from your reaction that yours is not self edited.

Mr A Dragon said...

Oh dear... more past-dwelling.

Rachel, just forget it or update it and move on..

Have to say though it looked fairly accurate to me..


Anonymous said...

"Have to say though it looked fairly accurate to me.."

what do you know that we don't Bob?


Anonymous said...

Just go in and update all the inaccurate bits. Easy peasy!

Anonymous said...

All you've done by blogging about it is given people reason to check it out, brought attention yourself, for what reason, there again maybe you like drawing attention to yourself, suppose it's good publicity, if you can call a blog publicity. Mind you, probably the only publicity you'll ever get again, well unless you go to the papers with a great bit of scandal, that would be a lie as well no doubt.
So at the end of the day who gives a toss about you and what it says on wikipedia.
You're a fake, a loser, a liar and a cheat. So go back to your stone where you crawled out from where you belong and rot.

Stephen said...


I bet you wouldn't want to be misrepresented either.

Rachel has a right to say what is accurate and what is not about her.

What is your telephone number. I'd like to find out why you think Rachel is a liar, cheat and so forth.

Or are you just a yellow bellied anonymouse.

email me your number at

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are you, her bodyguard or something?

Stephen said...

Who the fuck are you, her bodyguard or something?

Yea, if you like.
I respect her more than most.
She built something significant out of nothing.

She is not the silver spoon bourgeosie.

Email me and i will set you straight.

Kevin W said...

Dear Anonymous,

What's up?
Why do you have to say such anger things against Rachel?

Is it that you could in some happy way be jealous? did you work for her and get the sack once?

Regardless the words "fake" "liar" and erm "Cheat" confuse me, I am perplexed by this.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

why in gods name would i be jealous of someone like her.

and work for her, never have and never would. i have enough without seeking employment from that devious half snake half fox bitch

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Stephen/Kevin: Thanks for your support as ever.

Mr A Dragon: The problem is some (lazy) people out there use Wikipedia as their research source/tool thus these inaccurancies get duplicated when people create biographies about me for articles/speaking engagements etc. And yep it IS past dwelling - because Wikipedia profiles aren't exactly about the FUTURE now are they !!!??? Doh!

And as for Anonymous - boy do you need treatment for your anger! Just remember, the things you criticise most in other people always reflect everything that deep down you HATE about YOURSELF.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Cor, blooming hell.

Bit of a vicious blog string.

Stephen, my good man, I would not even give anon the time of the day, why would you want to speak to them, waste of time really, just remember the old saying - "sticks and stones may break my bones, but can never hurt me".


Stephen said...

why would you want to speak to them, waste of time really,

true dlog.

I guess that's the only material i have to work with on here.


Stephen said...

How would anyone be able to sum you up Rachel?

You have so many colours and complexities!

Brings to question: Can you truly sum anyone up?

Are we perpetualy changing spiritual beings or rubix cubes?

Anonymous said...

wiki is self edited - so change it!!

Susan said...

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