Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back From Florida

Just back from a fabulous holiday in Florida courtesy of Mr Badger's US parent company - our first vacation for a long time what with Baby Jack being born last October. We went without the five children which, much as I adore them, was a really welcome break.

We stayed at The Breakers in Palm Beach (just along the coast from Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort) - fabulous, if not a little windy...

But the one thing I wanted to mention (following on from previous posts) is that the whole of Palm Beach (not just people in the resort but everyone from taxi drivers to shop staff to toilet attendants) vibrated with the same soft warm positive energy. In fact, I didn't encounter a single person who wasn't happy and optimistic and friendly. And if you have ever been to Palm Beach you will know that it is lush and beautiful and dripping with money.

In direct contrast to the edge of the people in New Jersey which we transitted through en route - who seemed to do misery en masse.

So, an interesting observation: that places have an energy which seems to rub off on everyone who lives there. The question is, what created the energy of the mass?

The people or the place?

Yes of course you could argue that sunny places are always going to make people happy, but here in Bakewell we have a similar 'warm & friendly' phenomenon - and it rains most of the year.

Comments most welcome!

PS Glad to see the Blog is still attracting lots of controversial debate...

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Stephen Ryan said...

When you have a large group of responsible adults, who through effective parenting are still in touch with their inner child - you always have the basis for conditions of peace, love and respect. When adults lose touch with their inner child, they become miserable and some turn into monsters.

The inner childs presence has a positive effect on those who come into contact with these adults.