Saturday, 8 March 2008

International Women's Day

I'm not sure who creates these special days in our calendar, but yesterday was 'International Women's Day' and this week I spoke at two events in celebration...

The first was for the ladies of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce at a special lunch on Thursday; the second was later that evening for a women in business event for Business Link London.

I have to say that I love speaking to all female audiences - they have a great energy and are much more responsive than men. They are also very receptive to some of the more 'touchy feely' subjects which I frequently visit in my Blog.

At the London event (which I did in partnership with Julie White who is the entrepreneur behind Truly Madly Baby and who appeared on Dragons' Den) we did an open workshop to over 200 hundred women which involved the audience on three subjects: Celebrating Success, Overcoming Obstacles and Mental Attitude.

First we enjoyed some great stories of success amongst the women present who were all cheered by their contemporaries - like the lady from Elizabeth's Emporium which specialises in making fabulous cakes and who won a commission for Wedgwood quite by chance after asking for a big break. Her creation is now on display in the Wedgwood shop in Regent Street.

Secondly, where people in the audience were bold enough to share their dilemmas there was always someone in the audience with the solution they needed - like the lady who was facing the eviction of her business premises in four weeks' time and who was instantly offered a low cost incubator unit which she could move into with immediate effect.

And finally when it came to mental Attitude I asked about who was using the 'Law of Attraction' to manifest positive results in their life. There was lots of excitement in the audience as we talked about this topic - a raised vibration if you wish - and we had some wonderful stories about women who had attracted amazing opportunities just through using positive intention - in particular a lady who responded to her intuition that she should become a midwife and ended up attracting all the support she needed to become a 'doula'.

Julie and I enjoyed doing the event so much that we have decided to join forces again for other events so watch this space for news!

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Sheffield Chamber event - actually Rachel I was the rude person who left early - a business meeting meant I had to do that but I'm glad I saw at least 3/4 of your talk than none at all!

You are completely human - real words to inspire real people - something I don't always feel with other 'celebrity' speakers once they're in front of you.

Thank you - I'l be coming to see you again if you're 'up norf' and promise I won't double book this time. L