Monday, 17 March 2008

Bonnie Scotland

Just back from the New Start Scotland show in Glasgow last Friday, and I have to say I really enjoyed the entire experience...

Billy Connolly has done the people of Glasgow a great service as the minute I hear a Glaswegian accent I find myself smiling!

As always, the Scottish people are so positive and friendly it is such a joy to speak to an audience of them, and they are always receptive to new people and ideas. I've already had lots of emails with positive feedback and it is great when so many people write with their appreciation.

It made me realise once again how much I love working in the small business sector, inspiring, motivating and helping entrepreneurs achieve business success. And at the same time being paid for it! As I said to my audience, putting your passion at the heart of your business is the greatest gift you can give yourself - as you'll never have to 'work' again.

As well as speaking in the main seminar hall, I also did the debut of my new 'Magnetic Marketing' workshop at the Show which seemed to go down really well. Essentially 'Magnetic Marketing' is all about creating products services and experiences at the heart of your business so attractive that customers naturally come to you (rather than you having to go to find them)- and then making those brand experiences so emotionally intense that people can't help themselves but buy from you.

It's a much more feminine and seductive way of marketing than the old male 'sell sell sell' techniques, and a much more powerful way to build a business longer term.

Watch this space for more on Magnetic Marketing over the coming months...

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Stephen Ryan said...

Also called Hijackable brands.

also worth a look.
Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing