Monday, 24 March 2008

Alpha vs Zeta Continued...

Just to clear up the misunderstanding that Alpha vs Zeta is just about Male vs Female, you need look no further than the US presidential elections where in a strange twist we have the 'Alpha' Hillary Clinton lined up against the 'Zeta' Barack Obama.

Not so many moons ago the US people faced a similar choice...

By a very small margin they opted for the 'Alpha' Bush - and in doing so chose war, destruction, a weakened economy, and going from being one of the most admired people on the planet to one of the most hated.

'Zeta' Gore meantime went on to make one of the most influential documentaries of all time in 'An Inconvenient Truth', has dramatically increased global awareness of climate change and won a Nobel Peace Prize into the bargain.

When you work from 'Zeta' values you understand that temporary defeat can lead to far greater prizes.

I do not make these comments from anger or bitterness (those are very Alpha traits), but from empowerment, knowledge and the desire for increased awareness, accompanied by positive change.


Stephen Ryan said...

Our very real concern is that UK LTD/PLC is being hijaaked by Spin Jockeys (asset strippers, financial conjurers and ego maniacs), leaving little room for the entrepreneurs who actually develop the brands in the first place. Are we in danger of replacing creativity, integrity and hard working entrepreneurs with Spin Jockeys who know how to cut n paste business models and massage the meta money structures - but add little to the real potential of UK LTD/PLC and almost nothing to the real growth of our markets.

Should we be doing more to help those people who have contributed to building the markets, or to the parasites, crazy makers and con artists that are currently entrenched in positions that they are unworthy of?

Rudy said...

Stephen, I think you will find that this is just another one of those class issues. Nothing to do with Alphas and Zetas. The upper classes like to be seen to be bashing the working class. Thats what Dragons Den is for. Or for that matter - The Apprentice - or X-factor etc etc. Its all about how they do this and that for us and how we should all be so thankful.

Stephen Ryan said...

Rudy, this might be the intent of the programme makers, but the entrepreneur participants come from all walks of background.

The point i was trying to make is that it wouldn't matter if you were Alpha/Zeta, Rich/Poor or the best entrepreneur in the world if you develop dependency on people who have very little substance at all.

Like the "Anonymous" people of this world.

Kerry Needs said...

Alpha vs Zeta...

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Many Thanks