Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Star is Born...

If you saw the 'I'd Do Anything...' Oliver and Nancy recruitment show on BBC1 on Saturday night I hope you too were blown away by the final Nancy of the evening, Niamh.

She was so absolutely spellbinding, mesmerising and captivating it is difficult to imagine her not winning the show.

A star has truly been born.


Stephen Ryan said...

shes amazing.

julesbrad said...

Can't comment as I do not watch shows like this but I think there have been some interesting comments made by Kevin Spacey about such shows :-
"I felt that was essentially a 13-week promotion for a musical"

I totally understand where he is coming from - the BBC is basically involved with 'product placement'

How much would you have to pay for a 13 week run of dedicated adverts lasting an hour for your product or service.

Link to BBC's news report on the issue

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Yes of course it is brilliant business! But it is also brilliant entertainment. Call me sad if you like, but I am an avid fan of all these shows - I've also been to see both Connie and Lee in their roles as Maria and Joseph - so brilliant that we are using the power of TV to make people's dreams come true. Same applies to X Factor's Leona Lewis.

Anonymous said...

I agree with rachel and stephen above. The last girl had something weird about her, but you could also see qualities in her that was streets ahead of the rest.


Anonymous said...

Hi all

Niamh is my little cousin and is adorable and totally unpretentious. Maybe I am biased but I thought she was the best too. I live in Australia (cant watch the show here) so I depend on bebos etc from you guys to keep up to date. She is very grounded and realistic about the competition. When she called me to let me know she got through to the final 12 she was ecstatic. This is all she has wanted to do and whilst some may say it is an advertisement for the stage show it also presents a fantasic opportunity for a sweet, beautiful girl to fulfil her dreams. Trust i can count on your votes.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Wow the power of the web...

As your cousin has the potential to be a superstar - and a brilliant name which she can 'own' (think Celine, Britney, Lulu) - she must must must immediately set up her own website with contact details (even if it's her mum's email address) and come up on page 1 of Google listings. Please tell to do this asap !!! (Assuming this doesn't break the BBC rules.)