Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wow What a Week!

I feel incredibly privileged to have a life where I get to be involved in so much great stuff...

Tuesday I was at Cass Business School, working with a group of 25 MBA students in a three hour session to demonstrate how a business can be created on a shoestring marketing budget through a 'pull' marketing strategy.

Wednesday I was at the British Library Business Centre state-of-the-art training facility with three entrepreneurs who I will be working with as their mentor in 2009 in a great session looking at each of their businesses in detail.

Wednesday night the now infamous 'Business Nightmares' evening (see previous Blog post comment string) at the British Library conference centre, on a panel of 4 entrepreneurs who've each lived through a business meltdown scenario, sharing our experiences to a packed house. If you want to watch the event it will soon be on YouTube - the attack on me from our American 'Mrs Angry' comes almost at the end and it was great that the audience were so supportive of me and my response.

Then Thursday back at the BL Training Centre with a fabulous group of entrepreneurs for my quarterly Entrepreneurial Masterclass. Far from ending the week tired and drained I felt inspired and energised to have worked with so many great people.

Entrepreneurial energy is the best on the Planet, everyone so upbeat, supportive and it also feels that the tough times we are facing is bringing out a wonderful camaraderie in everyone helping and supporting one another.

And it's great to be living my dream of inspiring, motivating and helping others to achieve personal fulfillment and success.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

I agree with you completely on this one. I am lucky to work with a load of great people. All are entrepreneurial in their own way and it creates a real buzz when they start firing off ideas. The businesses I have owe everything to the entrepreneurial spirit of the people that work within them. It always amazes me that if you can create the right atmosphere even quite staid businesses can boom on the back of the previously untapped ideas of those working there. The positive energy just creates more positive energy. I love working with these guys and I am always humbled by them.


Anonymous said...

Here! Here! even...doh!


Anonymous said...

likewise one of the best weeks of my life, may long they continue

ya habibi

Anonymous said...

Fully agree! Its just a shame that such camaraderie and support seems to appear primarily in the face of adversity .. perhaps if such a feeling of support and togetherness was apparent in more recent times then the country wouldn't be in the mess that it is now.

Indeed such a spirit might be the step change that you have talked about and a rediscovered sense of society becomes a permanent feature


Anonymous said...

I was one of the luck ones to attend the Master Class on the Thursday. I loved it the group of entrepreneurs that attended were fantastic.

I learnt absolutely loads and had fun doing so, tools, information and strategies that I will be using repeatedly in my life to help any business I develop.

I love the company of entrepreneurs so it was my idea of heaven. I could have stayed there all day!

Thank you for making it possible Rachel and it was great to meet you.

Leona said...

the last comment was me, I forgot to add my name :)