Monday, 26 January 2009

The Revolution of Kindness


Anonymous said...

Er, I think I'm in one of the other quadrants...


Anonymous said...


Think Obama

Think RACHEL!!!!!!

Cranberry said...

Rachel, I'm coming to the conclusion that you may, in fact, be stark raving bonkers (in the nicest possible way of course!).

A positive mental attitude is indeed a valuable thing and should be nurtured in everyone but what the heck is a 'collective consciousness'? Do you simply mean a collection of humans thinking in the same way? If so, that happens all the time and it is not anything special. Barack Obama's victory is no more special than Tony Blair's defeat of John Major.

Quite rightly, people in the US (and around the world) were tired of George W. and his Neo-Cons and Barack Obama offered the most significantly different but viable alternative – in just the same way that people grew tired of 17 years of Conservative rule in the UK. Collective behaviour like this is not magical or mysterious – it's fairly obvious when you think about it.

To win, Barack Obama had to pick his line trying to appeal to the broadest spectrum of Americans to win each State – how could he appeal to both black and white, rich and poor - what issues are important to them etc? It just so happened that Barack's predecessor had given him ample scope to pick a line that would also appear to be morally sound – and throw in the fact that Barack is an African American – and he comes across as doubly good and refreshing.

As for the economy, things have not even started to hit the bottom yet, in fact we're not even at the end of the beginning of all this. The UK is in an extremely perilous position. Of the ten biggest banks in the world, three are domiciled in the UK: RBS, Barclays and HSBC, holding positions: 1, 4 & 5 respectively. Potential aggregate banking losses in the US are somewhere around $1.8trillion but in the UK they are around $1.9trillion. If these losses are realised the US could bear its share but the UK will go bust. The US has natural resources and is still the worlds largest manufacturer – the UK has nothing other than its Icelandic style reliance on financial services. Look at what has happened to Iceland.

This, I believe, is your apocalypse and it's not a magical prediction but rather quite believable based upon cold analysis of the facts before us.

My hope, is that we are all in this together and we will work together to resolve this for benefit of the world because the alternative is war, as happened after the Great Depression - which is where your kindness rhetoric becomes relevant.

Stephen said...

Absolute bollocks Cranberry.

Mccain was chosen because he was the most likely candidate to lose. Just look at Sarah Palin. Clearly no honour, integrity or morality as with Hilary Clinton.

Mccain was chosen as the candidate that was most like the neo-con Bush in order to for them to lose the election.

Obama is there because the powers above all this mess wanted him there.

On the question of economic conditions i can only say what i always said. All these economic forecasts and metrics are bollocks.
They always were meaningless.
If they were anyway meaningful, people would want to understand them, but most people don't.

So to all those bankers, economists and traders out there - You are meaningless bunch of wasters who should stop playing games with your calculators and go and get a real job.

I don't buy your illusions so i certainly don't buy your economic forecasts.

So fuck off and we will start afresh without you.

Cranberry said...

Stephen, "the powers above all this mess". Who are these people exactly?

I'm fascinated to know...

Stephen said...

Don't ask who Cranberry?

Ask where?

Where does the power truly lie?

In a world which allows children to be murdered - you have to say that that power rests with the evil ones.

We must find these evil ones and get them to stop what they are doing. We can no longer allow children to be murdered in our world.

They must not be allowed to play evil games with their fellows.

We are living everyday in a world which murders children - in one way or another.

How can there be any peace when children and other vulnerable people must cry?

Cranberry said...

It seems to me that you have absolutely no idea who you're supposedly fighting against with absolutely no justification for your beliefs - other than your conviction that 'they exist'.

That's the problem with conspiracy theorists, they get blinded by their conviction.

Oh well, you're not the first and you most certainly wont be the last. Good luck.

Stephen said...

Cranberry have absolutely no idea who you're supposedly fighting against with absolutely no justification for your beliefs

I am speaking out against those who murder and impoverish vulnerable people. My justification is that these people are the ones who are responsible for these outrageous acts against humanity and i would like them to stop.

I don't need conviction to know what is right and wrong.

I just know.

Nothing to do with conspiracy.

It is a fact that evil people are murdering the weak and vulnerable.

2009 said...

I would like to speak to cranberry, please contact me

Cranberry said...

2009: am I supposed to know who you are? Even if I were inclined to, which I'm not, it is somewhat difficult to contact someone who posts anonymously.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog if you wish to continue a discussion away from here.

Mr A Dragon said...

Stephen, I have had a tip-off..

Because you are the only person in the world to know that "THEY" have orchestrated every bad thing that happens in the word, "THEY" are now after you..

Expect a knock on the door anytime soon or perhaps a horses head in your cornflakes sometime soon!

You will recognise "THEM" as they will be wearing white coats!

Anonymous said...

Cranberry... small red fruit??? think you should get over your own issues before you start on world economics/politics/sociology

Stephen... chip on your shoulder by any chance???

Cranberry said...

Anonymous: that's a pointless contribution if ever I saw one.

Stephen said...

Yes i got a chip on my shoulder anonymous.

I carry it everyday.

I am sick to death with the constant slide of humanity into the abyss. I am sick of people telling lies and cheating and justifying murder and abuse.

You bet, i've got a chip on my shoulder!

We all should have! Well those with a conscience and who cares anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi, reading this i agree with what some people say on here about power crazed people at the top.

A friend told me about some of these people and she said there is evidence that there are families around the world who are so rich and powerful that governments have to do what they say.

These families are from bloodlines that go back centuries and in fact are at the heart of the control of money and land across the world.

It seems to me that what these people want and say goes. She told me that these people are based in different countries but some of the people are from the Rockerfeller family and Rothchilds.

This lady i really do believe as she used to work for some of these people. my 2c.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anonymous, absolutely correct, just look and the Sunday Times Rich List and see who is at the top, then one and all can be sure who really runs this world!!!

And food for thought, the likes of the Gold Family (Jacqueline Gold) are just SMALL FRY, compared to those at the top, doesn't bear thinking about really does it!!!!!!

Cranberry said...

10/10 for Anonymous Abs – finally someone who has actually added some substance to their conviction!

Still don't agree though.

I've put my thoughts on my blog rather than clogging up this thread.

Stephen said...

I very much think that Cranberry has missed the point.

The point is that there are evil people at the top in this world who need to be removed. These people are the reasons for the majority of lies and trajedies in the world. I am not so concerned at who these people are as to unveil the truth of why there is so much agony in our world.

It is because there are a few who wish to impoverish the many.

People are losing their homes in this country. Not because they were greedy, but because evil people have created a world around them and lured them into false pretenses.

Those with the power and influence are responsible for the ordinary man and womans woes.

Its time people woke up to this fact.

This is only a recession for the ordinary man. For those at the top of the food chain, the recession is an opportunity to play new games with peoples lives.

So start thinking outside the capitalist matrix and it loses its power. Start thinking beyond the status quo and you will begin to know the truth.

Anonymous said...


Like all good paranoid delusions it seems very real to you but implausible to others. If you go looking for conspiracies you will find them but that doesn't make them real, people always find 'evidence' to support their views and dismiss evidence to the contrary. People are hurting right now and inevitably are looking for someone else to blame. Personally, I have lost a fair bit of money but I accept that I made some poor investment decisions. Nobody conspired to make me lose it.


Cranberry said...

Stephen, are you telling me that you have never, ever in your life, done something that has been of benefit to you but where someone, somewhere will have suffered because of your actions? Of course you can't. If we could trace the repercussions of our actions far enough, someone will have in some way suffered by everything we do – conversely, someone will have benefited. It's the butterfly effect.

Those in power have a responsibility to use it wisely. Some try, some don't, some succeed, some fail. Whenever you're the one at the top, it's a tough place to be – you can't please everyone. The military have a term for it, it's called: “the loneliness of command”.

Stephen said...

C, you are an investor.

You make your bed. You lie on it.

Most other people just go to work, pay the bills and maybe find some relief in their life.

They don't seek ownership wealth or control of others.

It is just this kind of state of mind that has got us into this stupid state.

You are not entitled to anything more than anyone else.

We are all equal. We should all have the same share in Gods green earth.

Capitalism is an illusion designed by the few. It has been found out to be one big ineffective game.

Stephen said...

I understand the loneliness of leadership Cranberry. So too do i understand humiliation by the most devious kind.

These experiences have served me well because the demons have identified themselves most profoundly to me.

But i also understand honour and integrity and by integrity i mean consistent moral behaviour in the face of adversity.

It is not too difficult to spot the shape-shifters amongst the thrall.

As the going gets tough, Rats get more unpredictable as the pace of change increases.
They will eventually dessert the sinking ship, in their attempt to save themselves.

Their has been too much action in the passed. Perhaps humanity needs a little more inaction.

Then it might begin to hear itself think - and start to live as God intended us to.

Cranberry said...

Stephen, one thing I think we can both agree on: what I consider to be sound logic, you consider to be naivety - and vice versa.

Let's agree to disagree on this and move onto something altogether more interesting.

I'd still like to know what on earth Rachel is on about with her infinite wisdom of the collective conscious malarkey!

Anonymous said...

Rachel - please tell me you don't believe in this 'puppet master' delusion which some of the posters on here appear to subscribe to.

If it were true, why bother being an entrepreneur cos if these people are so powerful, they would not let you succeed and crush your business - or maybe that's what happened with RLD - someone high up thought that you'd had enough success with RLD and decided it was time to take it away from you lol

And a message to the other anon poster whose friend told them about these powerful people. Well my 'friend' told me that all these conspiracy theorists are idiots - and I really believe her - she is really honest and she used to work for some of these idiots so she must know what she is talking about
what tosh !

Stephen said...

We are all one Cranberry. There is no me or you - there is just One.

'One' arguing with itself.

Duality is an illusion.

The human mind has been concentrated on subjective separative consciousness for many centuries. This illusion has been fueled by leaders as far back as the Pharos. Some call it the Matrix.

"Belief is a box on your head"

There is "just the One".

We just are.

Thought is an overplayed concept that will cause humanity to destroy itself and the planet.

Instinct should be at the forefront. Only Love is the source and expression of life. It really is that simple!

Everything else is illusion that will tip us over the edge toward madness.

That's partly what Rachel means when shes talks about collective consciousness and infinite wisdom.

Black magic is the mechanism by which people prostitute this knowledge for their own interests and in so doing damage the good standing of this sacred faculty.

Stephen said...

By the way. People always ask for proof.

But does this proof really exist?

Have you ever thought that "proof" is just another way of pulling the wool over your eyes.

Like the House of Lords this week. Last week the proof was all these guys were honouable people. This week the proof is something else.

So when people ask for proof i say
"get outside your conditioned thinking and ask yourself"?

Could this really be true?

Do i need proof - or is it feasible that a small group have been controlling all the wars and finance for centuries?

Don't look for proof. Look inside yourself and ask the questions.

Then answer them honestly!

Cranberry said...

Now Stephen, I'm by no means illiterate – but I have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say most of the time.

Your posts are so stuffed full of vague and flowery language that whatever point you're trying to make gets completely lost – and the points you do manage to get across then go and contradict themselves. On the one hand you say:

“Thought is an overplayed concept that will cause humanity to destroy itself and the planet.”

and then you go and say:

“Have you ever thought that "proof" is just another way of pulling the wool over your eyes.”

You seem a bit confused as to the benefits/dangers of 'thought' if I may say so.

Be consistent and make sense and then maybe people will get some kind of an idea as to what you're on about.

By the way, I am most definitely me – and you are most definitely you.

Anonymous said...

"You are not entitled to anything more than anyone else."

Ah, here I think is the nub of Stephen's issue. The reality is that we are all born with different talents and abilities. If I utilise those abilities is it unfair for me to be rewarded more than someone who chooses not to?

I would guess that Stephen is a talented bloke. He is certainly passionate and eloquent at times. Perhaps he feels that it is unfair that less talented people than him have been more successful?

Of course, he is not dumb enough to voice such an argument but instead decides to take up the issue for the 'people' mentioned in the above quote.

Stephen, the world has not done some injustice to you. Until you realise that you will forever dwell in this victimhood of yours. You are a talented bloke so go out there and make use of those talents.


Stephen said...

Thought is an overplayed concept, but it must be used as a means of communicating this to others in order to make it lose its power.

Infinite consciousness requires no thought. It just is.

The blunt instrument of your analysis is just that.


The bourgeosie have used the blunt instrument of argument and critical thinking for centuries to oppress the masses from becoming truly free.

It loses its power when you know this.

Cranberry said...

That's a thoroughly lazy argument Stephen. As, it would appear is your entire philosophy.

As C pointed out, as you present your philosophy, one apparently deserves something for doing nothing and then, once you've reached your higher plane, you don't even want to have to make the effort to think.

This collective conscious wisdomness all sounds a little bit smug to me...

Stephen said...

There is no need for thought, when you know the truth Cranberry.

It takes no action at all. So call that lazy if you like. Call it smug.

We are 'One' and Love is the only truth. Fear is the only thing that drives us apart. This has been true since the first man tried to stand above his peers.

We are fighting against our instincts and that satisfies the few and enables them to maintain control over the many.

Cranberry said...

Stephen – I'm intrigued and have a challenge for you: can you describe a typical day in the world of infinite collective smugness?

Anonymous said...

Stephen, you have some very good points. The old saying of "money is at the root of all evil" i think is being proven right. Follow the money and its pretty clear where the power is.

I don't know whether this recession has been orchaestrated, but it is not beyond the realms of all possibility. Especially as our leaders have shown that they just csnnot be trusted.

So i remain open minded.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Honestly, I go away to London for a few days and once again find the fairytale creatures have taken over my swamp!

Seriously though, Stephen is right, we're all one energy and it's all about love. If everyone everywhere in the world right now acted from a place of love, every problem could be instantly solved. No exceptions.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, LOVE, that is exactly what is needed in this world, LOVE.


Stephen said...

I don't mean to place global conspiracy at the heart of my argument.

I use "global conspiracy" really to raise the point that if there isn't an evil order that impoverishes humanity and spreads fear to every corner ... then why are children murdered and starve and why don't world leaders stop it.

It seems to me that the reason they don't stop it is that they either want it to happen or that there are people higher up controlling them.

People defend children and families being murdered because they say things are more complicated than that.

They use 'complexity' as an answer to never moving forward. Meanwhile children die. Just because they say they can't answer the problems.

Seems to me that if we are ever to get back to a world of decency that we must start by answering these questions first.

Love is the only way to a bright future. Everything else is worthless otherwise.

Cranberry said...

Here's a conundrum then: a deadly virus breaks out on a ship, no one knows what it is. There are a few survivors but no one knows if they are carriers and no one can board the ship because there's a suspicion that the virus can penetrate all kinds of bio-suit.

Mankind in its infinite smugness loves these people – what does mankind do?

1. Bring them to shore and risk spreading the virus?

2. Let them live out their days on the ship listing aimlessly in the middle of the ocean?

3. Drop a bomb on the ship because that would be kinder?

Anonymous said...

Cranberry, that scenario is not something that we can control and in my mind has no bearing on the issue in hand, but, the Destruction of OUR world can be prevented very easily, by way of learning to LOVE, it is not difficult it is very easy.

The whole world institution must start to respect each others values and ways and not be greedy and judgmental of others. I truly believe Stephen has the philosophy right for that peaceful, fulfilling and love in the world, that really deep down we all desire.
Although some of us in this world have been fortunate enough to have found it, Stephen obviously being one of them.

Cranberry, SEEK & YOU WILL FIND.

Do not leave any stone unturned


Stephen said...

A very good example of how fear in the mind can lead to the separation of humanity.

I call it "cognitive hacking"

This is how the most devious minds think.

A leader would take a view on this. But before anything is ever said or done, this leader must take a position on whether the bearer of this information is a trustworthy sort.

If they came hotfoot from the Sun newspaper then they would take one view. If they had served their time well and on many occasions showed their true worth, then a different position could be taken.

So, my point is. That they would qualify the source of this information, prior to determining a response.

If the story were seen to be true, i'd personally be inclined to pick the best little island in the sunniest place in the world. Deck it out with the coolest of kit, Xboxs, 20mb Broadband, Wide Screen Tv, BEER and all the mod cons. I'd have family being beemed into their villas on wide screen Tv and doctors teaching them to take care of themself. They would never be lonely and we'd be working on a vaccine day and night, until one day we could rescue them and hold them up as a symbol of love and hope - for all the world to see.

Cranberry said...

There's nothing devious about the question - it's a test of how the collective wotsit would behave in such a situation. As you point out, the collective leader's decision making capabilities would previously have had to be tested for you to have faith in his decision – so testing is a necessary process – certainly not the product of a devious mind – unless you are saying that you have a devious mind?

I like your answer Stephen but what if there was the risk that the virus would be carried by a bird or sea creature from said island to the mainland?

Stephen said...

Our instinct is to survive so our decisions must be based on that instinct.

But we must be mindful that there are people out there who have been investing irresponsibility in science and technology and in the wrong hands could cause this very kind of disater. So we must be mindful of the power of propoganda in our world and not make decisions unless carefully evaluated. We can no long make decisions on the basis of who said this or that. We must used our instinct - not our conditioned mind that thinks labels and reputation is important.

There is talk that the powers that be would like to see de-population. I have no evidence of this - but i leave that to your imagination. There is too many apocolyptic visions being shared in the media for my likeking and when you look behind the TV screens and see who is running these outfits - who can really believe that they say.

But anyway...... Under circumstances where birds might carry this virus, it is likely that we would have to impose tigher quarantine rules. We would not murder the people under any circumstances though.

Murder is not Love.
And that of course would just be playing in to the hands of those who would like to see humanity fall into a immoral state.

We would investigate whether this was a biological attack, as opposed to a natural or unforseen phenomen.

Anyway, I say to those people who expect this kind of scenario to happen.

There are no winners. God doesn't play games.

Cranberry said...

Fair enough Stephen – that's a pretty decent stab at the solution.

Obviously your nonsense conspiracy suppositions should be consigned to the collective dustbin and I'm not sure whether your solution would work - but let it never be said that I don't listen to what you have to say.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your sentiment but not your argument. Its not some elite that creates the injustice you mention, it is the general apathy of everyone to the problems. People don't take responsibility for their own lives so its no surprise they are apathetic about others.


Stephen said...

Somebody starts the wars C. Somebody funds the evil science. Somebody runs the world economy, the banks, the traders and the speculators.

And it pretty certainly isn't the majority.

So i can only conclude this evil is the domain of a few.

Whatever they are called.

This is the only logical conclusion.

Anonymous said...


There is no doubt that someone does make the decision to nuke Basingstoke (justified if you ask me) but it is the apathy of people who let it happen. Our apathy means we don't demand better governance and subsequent crass decisions are met by yet more apathy.

We only have ourselves to blame I am afraid.


Cranberry said...

Can you imagine trying to run a business by referendum – let alone a country? Someone needs to be charged with decision-making responsibility and yes Stephen, you're right, this is not the majority, so it goes without saying that it is a few. The same goes for bankers, traders and scientists. They exist because we have markets that require their services and they are not the majority.

As the majority, we have the opportunity to express our approval or dissatisfaction with the decisions that have been taken in the last four years or so at each general election. Sorry if you don't like this method but no one has come up with a better one to date. Maybe you have a groundbreaking new idea for workable system of government?

Finally, you also seem to be of the opinion that the majority is always correct. Wouldn't it be ironic if mankind did, somehow, create a workable system of majority rule – but you then found that the majority didn't agree with you?

Stephen said...

I used to think the same way C, until i realised just how much great leadership can set people free from the conditioning of apathy and submissiveness.

Power can be shared amongst every man and woman and they will surely take up full responsibility for their actions - with good leadership.

People cannot be responible for their thinking nor actions if they have been socially engineered not to. If they have been so oppressed to think in a medicore way. If they are simply pawns in a rich mans game. Apathy is not selected by choice by people. Apathy is a condition that is allowed to happen by leaders.

Take for example the conditioning that surrounds "mortgages" and "lettings". How many divorces, broken relationships, split up families, anguish and pain does the blackmailing of people under these circumstances cause?

They use the conditioning of uncertainty to motive people for there own ends. Fear again - causes seperation.

And there are so many other situations where the upper echilon oppress in order to get their way.
One persons oppresssion, is another persons loss of freedom.

Human beings are not designed to be placed in cages and they certainly are not responsible for their actions if they do find themselves in one. Whether this be physically, emotionally or intellectual cages.

Stephen said...

Don't be ridiculous Cranberry.

I am not saying that we should not have leaders and i am not saying that they should not be voted in by the people.

I am also not saying that the majority are always correct. What i am saying is the minority who rule are becoming more and more incompetent and corrupted by power and that is not good for anyone.

There needs to be a redress of the balance of power in favour of effective leadership. Leadership that does not hide its face and leadership that respects the will of God....................
That all men and women are created equal and that Gods green earth should be shared accordingly.

Might sound naive......but it is the right way.

Anonymous said...

Whose God will that be then? As I don't have one does that exclude me?

Plato wrestled with the problem of good leadership and its power to corrupt. We have all wrestled with it to some extent since.

Going back to personal responsibility though society is based on the idea. It is the foundation of law. If you believe you can avoid it then you are stepping outside society and the protection that affords you. We only make two exceptions; mental incapacity and childhood. Personal responsbility is not an option.


Cranberry said...

I think we can crack open the champagne no? Finally, we know what you're on about. There's not a conspiracy – you're just disillusioned with those in power and want those people to do better yes? Or better still, we should start again and get some new ones?

That, is perfectly fair enough. If only you'd put it like that in the first place. Or maybe you didn't know exactly what you thought and the C, Cranberry and Anon posts have helped distil your thoughts? At the very least I think they must have provided food for thought – which is why this kind of environment works so well – it allows people to exchange ideas without personal attack. No one is right – no one is wrong – but goddamn we'll get our views across.

Now when you say God what exactly do you mean?

Cranberry said...

PS. which is why Rachel was somewhat off-tack when she said: “Stephen is right”.

What she should have said was, “In my opinion, Stephen is right”.

Unless, you're one of those people for whom Rachel is your God of course.

Stephen said...

re: Whose God?
This is the entity that is not human and is above and within all things.

This entity is the channel of love.

That's all i know.

Power in the hands of the weak minded, morally corrupted turns to unashamed cruelty. Therein lies the problem.

re: Personal Responsibilty
No one should expect to shirk their responsibility - but this must be matched by those who govern. This is clearly not the case. Most of these people act like immature idiots.

Stephen said...

I don't know what you mean about Rachel Cranberry.

I just think she is one of the few top people who are willing to sincerely put themselves out there and to engage with people in meaningful ways.

She is not a God. But she is a thoroughly decent sort who has a lot of ability to lead.

How can anyone knock Rachel when the very people who precided over her exit at RLD - are in fact the very same people who have just run our nation onto the rocks?

Doesn't it just tell you something that perhaps the so called failures were in fact the rising stars and that the so called establishment - don't have a clue what they are doing.

I say to them - get lost!! Its time for a changing of the guard.

And i don't mean...David Cameron.

Cranberry said...

I'm not knocking Rachel. Given that she has some celebrity status thanks to DD, the fact that she runs such a transparent blog is laudable indeed.

It's just that some of the posts I've read from contributors have been nauseatingly sycophantic to say the least.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I can't help it if people love me can I?

Maybe it's because I'm too loveable?


Stephen said...

It's just that some of the posts I've read from contributors have been nauseatingly sycophantic to say the least.

In a world starved of heros, people will make them up. We need more heros. That's what some people here see in Rachel.

She is a very tough lady and her heart is in the right place.

That's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Loveable? Yeah, I think so.


Cranberry said...

Obviously so Rachel!

Fear not, I will be here to keep the sugar-on-toppers in check for you.

Stephen, you wouldn't want Rachel to turn into a prima donna now would you?

Stephen said...

I can't imagine a few kinds words turning Rachel into anything other than what she wants to be Cranberry.

She just would not have made it this far if she had prima donna tendencies.

Now me....Maybe...

But that's a very different story.

Cranberry said...

You say that jokingly - but if surround yourself with sycophants and get told that everything you do is wonderful, then you will inevitably lose perspective.

Anonymous said...


Your logic works unless you are of course brilliant in which case I find the feedback is justified...!


Cranberry said...

Well C, I was, of course, going to add that I battle with exactly the same problem on a daily basis!

Stephen said...

I think it is you who have lost perspective Cranberry.

You seem to think that the contributions on this blog will have some kind of overriding significance in Rachels life.

I hardly think so.

Cranberry said...

So stop behaving like an over-protective boyfriend then.

Stephen said...

Special people, need special protection.

There are a lot of very devious people out there.

Anonymous said...

I agree too with this.

Rachel is special.

Mandy P

Anonymous said...

Rachel doesn't need special protection. If you don't believe me check out the video of the heckler.

Sure, like all of us Rachel wants to be loved and yes we love you Rachel. But, that doesn't mean everything she touches turns to gold or when she speaks passing birds stop in mid flight to listen.

It actually does her a disservice to suggest otherwise.


Stephen said...

yes C, but i would do the same for anyone. People can be so negative about people they don't really know.

Cranberry said...

“I would do the same for anyone”, so you'd back someone up even if you didn't know them?

Robert Mugabe is anyone – so how would you back him up against my criticism of what he's done to his country?

hani said...

There are many people I admire and respect, Rachel is one of them, my Husband is another. It should be OK to sing soemones praises, if you feel it is appropriate without being made to feel like a 'brown noser' what a horrible phrase! I have a lot of respect for Stephen dlog & Cranberry too. I like the way you all say what you think and why and are willing to defend it.

Cranberry said...

As you say, respect for your fellow man is very important Hani. But we should always question. Respect without question is when you end up on the slippery slope towards dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Surely respect should be the starting point ... until someone proves they are not worthy. Stephen is right, we should treat everyone with respect and dignity in the first instance. It is how I hope strangers would treat me.

Cranberry said...

That sounds like Rachel to me...

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Please note, I never post as anyone other than myself.

The 'loveable' comment was tongue in cheek; I just try to be as positive about everything and everyone as I possibly can.

[Unless it's Barclays of course...]