Friday, 16 January 2009

Business Nightmares at the British Library

Next week I'm involved in a Business Nightmares event at the British Library Conference Centre...

It's happening on Wednesday 21 January from 6.15pm to 9pm and on the panel with me are Gavin Griffiths (former owner of the Erotic Review and author of the Accidental Pornographer), regular commentator on this blog Bradley Chapman who runs Million Impossible, and Aamir Ahmad founder of dwell.

I've also got 8 FREE TICKETS available for this event (normally £10 - and I think they may already have sold out), if you'd like one the first 8 people to email me at with FREE TICKET in the subject title win.

Don't say I never give you anything on this Blog!


Stephen said...

Any videos of the event would be good.

No pornos please.


Bradley Chapman said...

Hi Stephen, yes there are lots of videos for the event which you can view on You Tube by clicking here

Hope you enjoy

Regards Brad