Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Feeling optimistic about 2009!

I'd like to send thanks to my friend Malcolm Levene for the post on his blog about reasons to feel positive about 2009.

Yes there is a lot of doom and gloom about what's happening in the economy but for me we are going through an uncomfortable but necessary period of change. The credit crunch is making everyone a lot more thrifty and I think it's also making us a lot more grateful for what we DO have. Living with an 'attitude of gratitude' is one of the key steps to happiness.

People are also seeking out inexpensive pleasures - despite the icy weather, my home town of Bakewell was packed during Christmas and the New Year with families wrapped up warm, feeding the ducks on the river and going for long countryside walks.

We're finally realising that happiness does not lie in material possessions, that retail therapy does not truly make you happy and as Malcolm says in his blog, people who live in a state of positivity and optimism attract far more great stuff to them in their lives.

The current struggles and tensions which are unfolding are simply the conflict between the old 'alpha' order trying to preserve the status quo in the face of a tidal change of rising spirituality amongst a now critical mass of people on the planet. It was this changing tide which swept Barack Obama to power.

The faster we accept the gift of the beautiful change which is coming through for us and go with the flow of it (rather than fighting it for fear of losing what little we perceive we've already got), the sooner we will find peace and happiness.


TheDLOG said...

Absolutely, there is more to life than just material possessions. Forget the Wii' and PS3' for enjoyment, get out there and cherish real nature at it's best;

"What a lovely morning, it is absolutely beautiful out, lovely and crisp, frost coated trees and fields, the majestic pheasants strutting along the hedgerows, such beauty and peace, oh to be at peace with nature"

Stephen said...

We will know longer be constrained by conventional thought.

We will know longer be constrained by conventional thought.

We will know longer be constrained by conventional thought.

We will know longer be constrained by conventional thought.

We will know longer be constrained by thought.

Instinct is all you need!

Stephen said...

"no longer" even

or whatever!


2009 said...

To echo what rachel and Dlog have mentioned here the natural world is a beautiful place, espcially countryside rural - as it is for the most part not spoilt by cigarette smoke - petrol fumes - etc.. It is a natural calm.

Material gains in all at the end of the day are meaningless, even as a gifts we do them becuase civilisation does them.
Yes a ring is nice etc.. Guilty sir! but it isnt something is my main goal i prefer to keep my pounds locked up in my ISA banks and in cash in my house - not becuase i am greedy becuase it isnt worth to spend in shops theese days....

This year we must all as business owners, be prudent and save well and spend a lot less.

Here is what i will spend weekly /
Petrol in my 1.8 (expensive i know it is needed my only luxury) 30.00 per week.
This is all i spend, the rest is calculated monthly..

I have gone on here sorry guys.


Stephen said...

Thought this might be of interest to all those "flight of foot" entrepreneurs out there.

Produced by Hiscox.


Entrepreneurial spirit can challenge the downturn, suggest results of

Hiscox ‘DNA of an Entrepreneur’ international study

just cut n paste this into your browser..

2009 said...

Thank you Stephen a very interesting article, published July 2008 it is interesting for doccumentational purposes.

Thanks again.

Mr Robot said...

yea, the financial climate was very definately man made and the rats knew it.

So they got off the ship first!

Forensic analysis of the market movements prior, would reveal all that there is to know.