Monday, 12 January 2009

How I made Seth Angry

I've removed this post as I didn't read Seth's emails properly - which politely request at the bottom that they aren't published or used on blogs etc.

So my apologies to Seth (and I suspect if he wasn't angry before he is pretty p*ssed off with me now!)

However, I've left the comments here intact for Seth to view - as I think they are interesting feedback on his personal brand.

It used to be that all great thought innovators came from the US but I think now the US brand is damaged, their power is perhaps waning.

Big gap in the market then for a fresh marketing guru? Stephen???


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I done exactly the same thing, believe it or not, emailed a load of people all at once wishing them a merry Christams.......

Equally so though, each and every time I sent an email to an individual during the run-up to Christmas I still wished them Merry/Happy......, so some of you may have received from me one or more......heehee!!

I think it all depends on the relationship with people you know on how to go about sending these kind of messages.

Even so, I still think it is OK to send as you did, as I believe good wishes are still good wishes, and it is still somewhat personal as the 'To field' is to that individual.

I wish you all a Prosperous and Happy New Year!!!!


Stephen said...

I had a run in with Seth Godin myself a few year back when i called him a "Cognitive Hacker" for writing a book entitled "All Marketers are Liars".

Thought it might thaw him out a bit.

He seemed way to cool for me.

Your jealously..

Stephen said...


If he doesn't want to receive unsolcitied email (spam) then all the technology is out there to stop this happening.

But i guess then he wouldn't be able to play "premadona".

Smart people can be so stupid some times.

Anonymous said...

ah ha, thanks Stephen, you have just confirmed something to me, and that is, I MUST REALLY REALLY SMART!!

(cos i am stupid all the time)


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the status Seth may hold in the Marketing world, his response is rude and arrogant.

DLOG, you are right, good wishes are good wishes and I think that anyone who receives them should think themselves fortunate!

No matter what we do or what status we hold then we are all essentially the same and deserve to be treated with politeness! I wouldnt be sending another mail next Christmas!


Craig said...

Seth Godin is a clever guy and I do agree with him. But riding a very high horse is a dangerous game.

Don't get me wrong, I am a massive fan and have learned an amazing amount from his books, but data can get incredibly hard to manage, and, in terms of email marketing, in a recession such as we are, what's more important, playing by the rules of etiquette, or business survival?

I also think he sometimes has a narrow view of things. America is not the world.

Stephen said...

yea, agree with you Craig.

Like Matt Cutts, these guys are all in bed with Google cos its not cool not to be. So they make the rules and unless you abide by them your gonna come unstuck. Or at the very least - called a bloodsucking black hat!

"Ethics" according to a load of self-interested billionaires - who use it to control where the money goes.

I say get your point across for as little investment as possible. Google isn't the only ones that need to eat.

The Internet is a relection of hunanity. It is not meant to be owned by any one self-interested party. Especially a baldy head like Seth Godin... Did he make that name up?

Stephen said...

By the way if anyone needs to be on the top pages of Google, drop me a line at

fuck them

Anonymous said...

Stephen, are you saying spam is a good thing?


Stephen said...

No i am not saying spam is a good thing. Like i am not saying nits is a good thing.

What i am saying is that i don't need to be told how i feel and what i feel and how to behave in this or that situation.

When Rachel sends an email saying happy xmas, i wouldn't expect her to be questioned by the recipient.

In fact it is an outrageous insult when someone questions you.

I think the problem is that Seth has spent too much time working out how to screw people through his own marketing techniques that his super ego has got ahead of him and he now see everyone else in his own image.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you on this one Stephen, as I said before,

Good Wishes is Good Wishes, I would be thankful for anyone who sent me good wishes, for what ever reason and irrelevant who else they copied in.


Seth Godin said...


I can imagine that if I had the same information, I'd come to the same conclusion... very curmudgeonly behavior indeed.

Of course, that's not what happened. I get hundreds of christmas cards in my email every year since my address is widely known. I read them all and sort of enjoy them.

This particular card came with the subject line, "A personal message from Rachel." As I'm opening it, I'm wracking my brain... Rachel? I don't know a Rachel...

My response to Rachel was simple. It wasn't angry, it was just a tip. Don't call a note personal when it's not. Instead of just smiling at a nice card from someone I didn't know, I felt a bit ripped off since it wasn't personal etc. etc.

I figured others might feel the same way, so I had the guts to let her know. Kindly. At least that was the intent.

That's the whole story. Now you can hate me if you want, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Seth you have not read Deepak Chopra.

The Law of Giving and Receiving, as you were given but it appears you have not received that gift!!


Rachel Elnaugh said...

I guess when I put 'A Personal Message From Rachel' I meant one sent from me and not my PA or a marketing company somewhere.

Most of my emails start 'I guess you probably don't read your emails but here goes anyway...'

One of the key USPs of my brand is yes I do read them and yes I do reply. Personally.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

PS I of course meant 'the emails I receive' start with...