Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A Sparkling Piece of DM...

Hats off to jewellers Boodle and Dunthorne for a brilliant piece of direct marketing received by my husband last Saturday morning (even the timing was spot on!).

Rather than just sending their glossy 2008 brochure with the usual bland 'one size fits all' covering letter, the manager of the Regent Street branch had written a personal letter, reminding my husband that last year he had bought me a pair of gold and diamond earrings for Christmas (including a picture of said earrings alongside the text), then suggesting that this year he might consider buying me the matching pendant (again including a photo).

I await in eager anticipation to see if the mailing actually worked, but in the meantime thought I'd write this post to say that I thought it was a brilliant piece of personalised direct mail - in a world of marketing where so much is automated and de-personalised.

In business the simplest, most personal approaches are always the best.


Darren said...

Great blog.
Just a pity about all the sexist anti-male comments you have frequently made.
You seem to be one of the "I can say what I like as Women can't be sexist.. So there!" dinosaurs is still see haunting college campus.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Darren

You are mistaken, I am not anti-male, I am anti ALPHA male which is an entirely different thing.


Steve in Leicester said...

Can people help being Alpha Males? Isn't it due to too much testosterone or something?