Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Best Business Show on Telly...

...has to be the latest series of Ramsay's Kitchen nightmares (Channel 4 Tuesdays 9pm)

The last two episodes I watched have both been brilliant - restaurants run by entrepreneurs in complete denial about the state of their businesses, with Gordon arriving to give them a much needed (and often abusive) wake-up call.

It all echoes a theme which I talk about in my business talks which is about the true meaning of 'persistence' in business. It is not about relentlessly trying to flog products or services which no one wants, it is about being super self-critical and constantly assessing everything through the eyes of the customer - and then honing and refining the business offering until everything starts to work.

Brilliant entertainment Gordon - as well as a serious education for entrepreneurs everywhere who are currently struggling to make things work.

And now the penny has finally dropped why my publisher is so insistent on calling my forthcoming book (all about lessons entrepreneurs learned the hard way) 'Business Nightmares'...!!!

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GuyClapperton said...

Surely there's a TV show in there somewhere - all you need is a freelance journalist accomplice to explain what's happening to the audience...