Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back in the Saddle

You often read about how 'back to work mums' suffer from a lack of confidence - well I never thought that would happen to me until last week, when after three months 'out of the spotlight' I returned to the Business World, firstly presenting the Franchisee of the Year Award at the StartUps Awards in London on Wednesday (which quite frankly I completely fluffed up!), and then speaking at the Business Start Up Show at Olympia on Saturday.

And the thought of public speaking again terrified me! All the old nerves and fears which I thought I had well and truly conquered, seemed to have returned.

The material for my 'Are You An Entrepreneur?' seminar at Business StartUp was all new and untested on an audience (which always adds to the nerves); it was based mainly on the research and learnings from my Entrepreneurial Profiling Test since its launch in April this year.

In my seminar, firstly I talked about the three key qualities of the successful entrepreneur - which in my view are Self Belief, Determination and Drive.

I then talked about how my Entrepreneurial Profiling Test works and the nine different entrepreneur types which result, and the ways they can ALL be successful in business.

I then ended by talking about my favourite three business books of all time, which are:
- Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
- How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis, and
- Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Interestingly many of the emails I've had since the Show thanking me for my seminar also said that I was the ONLY speaker who talked about the other rewards of business (freedom, fulfillment, adventure) rather than being solely obsessed with monetary rewards - which is actually the underlying point of both Napoleon Hill and Felix Dennis's books.

Anyway, having faced my fears, I came away from the seminar feeling really inspired and energised myself, and it also reinforced my belief that I am in an incredibly priveliged position to be able to help entrepreneurs starting out in their journey in some way.

So thank you to everyone who came to the Show, and to my stand to see me afterwards (I'm sorry I couldn't spend time with you all) - as well as to everyone who has sent me such wonderful emails since Saturday. Your positivity has given me such a boost, I am no longer a 'nervous back to work mum' any more!

Next stop is the Entrepreneurs Forum Annual Conference in Newcastle this Thursday, where I will be talking about the highs and lows of my own entrepreneurial journey.

Hope to see you there!




Ian said...

Nothing like a good 'fluff up' to focus the mind.
Sadly I am working on Thursday or I would have popped in to say hello.

Anne Herbert said...

Dear Rachel,

I think it's the 'fluff ups' that endear people to you, your openess and your honesty and the fact that you make us all feel human too.
I've taken your enterpreneur profile and the results were spot on. I am a passionpreneur.
I would have loved to meet you on Saturday but could not make it in the end but hope to do so at some point.
I've just finised reading E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber (actually I buy the mp3 versions)and the 3 key qualities you mention are embodied in a single word 'Perseverance'. I am learning that the entrepreneural journey is not an easy one, that you stumble often, that it can be long and lonely and that it does take time and requires patience and yet despite all this that it is rewarding and fulfilling. I'm one of those entrepreneurs that has been on the receiving end of your help and I feel I am the one who is privileged, so Thank You.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Anne

What a lovely comment to open up from you on this wet and windy Bakewell morning! Thank you very much and glad I have been of help.


philipj said...

Hi Rachel,

Just picking up on your "favourite" books; I was interested to know if you've read any Tom Peters or Rosabeth Kanter?

If you have, then any opinions?