Friday, 9 November 2007

Invigorated and Re-energised

I've just returned from two entrepreneurial events - speaking to the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Sheffield on Wednesday night and then at the Entrepreneur's Forum Annual Conference in Newcastle on Thursday.

And it has reminded me just how energising it is to get out there amongst entrepreneurs and back on the events circuit again!

We entrepreneurs are all so busy being reactive and doing the day to day tasks (ie being in 'output' mode) that we often don't invest time on being on 'input' - which is essential to give us new ideas and inspiration.

There was a time (when I was running Red Letter Days) when I just used to swoop in to an event, do my bit and then leave immediately afterwards; I now make the effort to attend the entire event - as I find I learn so much from both my fellow speakers as well as engaging and networking with other entrepreneurs on the day.

Yesterday I heard Michelle Mone (creator of Ultimo bras) speak for the first time; I had met her once before at a women's networking event, but not really spoken to her at length - and she was absolutely brilliant. So entertaining, honest and funny with a brilliantly infectious positive energy that lifted everyone's spirits in the room. If you get the chance, go see her speak if you can.

And remember to give yourself the gift of planning room in your diary to be on 'input' at least a few times every month - the positive energy boost will be more than worth it.



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Anne Herbert said...

You are quite right Rachel. I heard Michelle at at event in London a couple of years ago. She was very entertaining and had a great story that kept us on the edge of our seats. It's an amazing story of triumph over adversity, sheer tenacity and an awful lot of daring. I was struck by the very creative approach she took to get her product noticed.