Thursday, 29 November 2007

Re-defining 'Success'

And so we have the latest publicity stunt from Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis, proudly standing in front of their shiny new gas guzzling Maybach cars (the cost of which could each feed an African village for a decade), like two pin-striped dinosaurs still churning away on the golden hamster wheel of ostentatious wealth.

Meanwhile, the true Ultrapreneurs (think Branson, Gates, Gore and Buffet) are busy fighting climate change, re-distributing their wealth to fight third world disease and famine - as well as rescuing beleaguered British banks.

In fact, the results of my Entrepreneurial Profiling Test show that only 4% of the 2000+ people who have taken the test since September, profile as 'Alphapreneurs' like Jones and Paphitis i.e. people who are prepared to put their desire for money and the trappings of material wealth above all else, in their desire to achieve 'success'.

The remaining 96% would of course like to be rich, but are not prepared to sacrifice everything - for example time spent with family and friends, or risking everything they possess including their health - in the relentless pursuit of money.

So my question to you this Thursday morning is: which of the two groups in your opinion is the most 'successful' ?


info said...

Seems Theo is at last spending some of his children's inheritance

while Peter obviously needs a check up from the neck up

Fame has changed those two. I knew 'em when they had nowt

Compost gal said...

Interesting stats rachel - please could you give us a run down of the total so far?

Best wishes


Stephen said...

I think success is taking a concept and building a multi-million dollar empire, understanding what it means to lose it - and selling it to a couple of wallies in the meantime.

They might be rich, but they do like a couple of wallies.
failed millionaire...

julesbrad said...

What kind of discount do you think they received ? ;-)

Anne Herbert said...

I'm glad the figure is as low as 4% though to me not low enough. Can you imagine what it would be like if it were any higher? It's a real shame that these two are coming accross this way. It can't do too much for their image and I guess it misleads a lot of people into thinking this is the ultimate goal. I only hope Theo and Peter are nicer people than they make out. I try not to judge people unless I know them personally.

Daran said...

I think you could write a book on the answer to this question but sadly, I say the majority of the 96% of the people in the survey are a) The reason most companies fail within the first 2-4 years and b) People who don’t have the confidence to start there own business and need to take a ‘entrepreneurial profit test’ to justify their own self doubts. You need 100% commitment and confidence in yourself and your product to make your business a success.

Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis are standing next to the by-products of their ‘success’, which is conflicting Rachel, as this is what you are now motivating others to be.

Stephen said...

Daran, Yes, "You need 100% commitment and confidence in yourself and your product to make your business a success", but it doesn't make you any less a wally.

These guys are yesterdays so called images of success - but they won't be anywhere tomorrow.

We need the 4% to grow up and start sharing their secrets in gratitude with the other 96%. Lose the arrogance Dragons - because we can smell "your fear of failure".

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Thanks for all your comments.

I guess the point of the article (and the work I am now doing, to correct Daran's observation) is that the definition of 'success' is highly individual depending on your personal drivers.

Going into business is not just about making money, it can give you freedom of lifestyle, it can help you help others, it can also make you famous! Your choice.

All I am trying to do is help facilitate the process and give people some self-understanding about what type of business they might have most success running.



Daran said...

It wasn’t meant to be a criticism of the good work your doing Rachel and agree, the meaning if ‘success’ is highly individual. I run a couple of business’s but I was happier when I had nothing and without the worries… do I feel a ‘success’? No but I’m confident I’ll get there!

Stephen said...

"Personal Success" is relative to peoples delusions of what it means.
In other words - it doesn't exist.
But it doesn't mean you shouldn't play the game. Just don't take it all too seriously - that's all...

bluemonkey said...

Success is relative to everyone. Some would feel successful for winning a talent competition, some for becoming famous, some for working in Tesco, some for becoming rich and some for having a loving family.
I don't think someone is more or less successful for meeting their ambitions of becoming wealthy and flashing their wealth.

As Deran touched on, the fact that there's a shockingly high amount of business failures might have something to do with the 96% of people who aren't putting 100% of their life into their business.

I would be very interested to see the amount of business successes from the different types of entrepreneurs vs the amount of failures. I would expect to see Alpha towards the top of the chain due to the overall dedicated and relentlessness.

That said, if Alpha are contributing towards a large proportion of business successes in this country and stimulating business growth, the economy and inspiring people - how is this a bad thing?

Ian said...

I think that there is a time in your life when you can be an Alpha, but that time like all else has to pass.
If you are succesful by then, ok. You can then afford to be whatever you want.

Ian said...

I think that there is a time in your life when you can be an Alpha, but that time like all else has to pass.
If you are succesful by then, ok. You can then afford to be whatever you want.

Ian said...

I think that there is a time in your life when you can be an Alpha, but that time like all else has to pass.
If you are succesful by then, ok. You can then afford to be whatever you want.

annmari said...

Branson? Gates? Buffet?

we are talking about some of the most aggressive entrepreneurs on the planet here.

Microsoft isn't a Monopoly by accident.

Berkshire Hathaway have deals [e.g. P&G acquisition of Gillette] structured in such a way to benefit our 'sage of Omaha'

Branson. A brilliant entrepreneur not doubt, beyond the pr persona, is a pretty aggressive man. - [read Tom Bowers / Branson for further info]

Gore. who's presidential elections runs biggest contributors was the good ol American Bar.

You have to have wealth to re-distribute it. there is usually a certain level of 'moral flexibility' when your business is near disaster.

thats my 2 cents

an Alpha dude.


Anonymous said...

Aren't their people outside of Africa that need help- shelter, clothing, health care etc? Even right here in the UK. Like the rest of the west, you think Africa is made up of malnourished kids, the savannah, a zulu and maasai herdsman here and there,wildlife and war torn areas waiting to be saved (by the 'mighty' west). Save us the 'missionary' speak... but perhaps it makes y'all feel better about yourselves! Totally disgusted.

Anonymous said...

That's because 90% of the campaigns to raise money show the same images of African kids crying with flies around their faces in some shanty town. It is the fault of the media for portraying it like this.
I however, don't feel it's 'disgusting' to give aid to Africa, it's still an extremely poor country so you're going a bit far there mate ;]

Anonymous said...

Yes perhaps it is the fault of the media...
Just to let you know Africa is a continent made of over 50 countries (and not a country as you point out)

Bill Kelso said...

Your a fucking idiot, why should they give any of thier money to the environment, etc, its thier money. And what car does Gates, etc drive?

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Expressed like a true Alpha!!!

bluemonkey said...

Spoken like someone with absolutely no education more like.

It's about more than just what car they drive, it's about the message they're sending out. Whilst some wealthy people are out solving the worlds problems, others are out showing how wealthy they are. Obviously there's nothing wrong with either, but I know which one I have far more respect for.

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Rachel Elnaugh said...

Glad to know my Blog is now being read worldwide...

Anyone know a good translation service?!?

stephen said...

These are black hat spammers Rachel. They fill your blog up with crap.

A bit like anonymousesssss..

Rachel Elnaugh said...

How does one get rid?


Stephen said...

Its a pain, but i think once its in there (short of removing the post) - it stays in there.

Perhaps look at whether it is a good idea for you to moderate comments - prior to publishing.

May not be very practical for you i know.

Black hat marketers do it randomnly. They do it to build backlinks from reputable sites to their sites so it moves them up in the search engine listings. Particularly with Google, because this is how it ranks.

Anonymous said...

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