Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Wealth Wizards Trailer


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, I sent an e-mail, as yet, no reply, so thought I would drop a note here re discs: Having not had the opportunity to attend the Wealth Wizards event personally, would it be possible for me to pre-order the discs and grab a copy of the last set entitled Magical Marketing, for which I would be most grateful if it is possible for me to forward a cheque?

Hope all is going well, saw your little tweet on this page about shops closed, was it in Rotherham? I was recently commissioned to work on a book that showcases independently owned and run businesses, the one I am working on being full of such businesses in the Cotswolds. Will send you a copy when complete. Indies need all the help they can get, on my travels I also note that many could also do with taking on board the self and business developement movement that is currently taking hold with great gusto. We live in exciting times!

With all good wishes, Susanne

Mr A Dragon said...

Oh Dear..

If these are the highlights then no thanks.

Full of well trodden cliche and alpha postering..

I was half expecting Gordon Gecko to appear telling the audience that "greed is good" and "lunch is for wimps"!

No thanks - not for me in the year 2009.


Anonymous said...

Mr A Dragon, what dont you like about it? It was a very inspiring day with lots of great and knowledgable information.
But then I suppose when you are so successful like you, with billions of £'s of self made money, why would you find such a great event inspiring, those speakers are obviously just chicken feed to someone as great as you.


Stephen said...

coooo... you know about Alpha males..don't you Mr A Dragon?

There is a guy called Johnny there who talks about money management. I reckon hes worth the price of the DVD's alone.

Forget the celebrity and i'm sure there are a lot of GOLD nuggets there... no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

So when did you make your purchase Stephen?

Stephen said...

I just spent my pennies on a bright shiny new tool. lol

Mr A Dragon said...

"But then I suppose when you are so successful like you, with billions of £'s of self made money, why would you find such a great event inspiring, those speakers are obviously just chicken feed to someone as great as you."

Thank you for the complements dlog, you are getting very wise in your old age..

I think I made a perfectly good case for what I didnt like about what I saw. But, if you want more wisdom, here it is:

Rachel hasnt got her "brand" consistant. One minute she's spouting universal peace, a new world order and what not, next she's playng host to a bunch of old-school Alpha ego-maniacs, because she can make a quick buck..

You see what I mean?


Anonymous said...

First of all Mr Dragon, we are all out to make money, thats how we survive and live, ok, ok, some have a better life style than others, but then we cant all be leaders, or there would be no workers.
The idea of the event was to raise peoples vibrations, to tell the audience that all is possible. These great speakers have all seen adversity, least not Mr Gold, and have to say he struck a major chord with me, so very very similar to what I have been through in last few months, so yes, he gave me grwat courage and strength to fight on, no matter what, and Lord Archer, what a great and magnificent inspiration.
I cant wait to see the full footage, as unfortunately I was unable to see/hear every speaker as I was busy that day, at the event of course. But because Lord Archer & Mr Gold were the lead ups to lunch and close of the day I managed to see/hear the whole talks.


Stephen said...

Mr A Dragon, those speakers are not chicken feed and i am not rolling in money.

You talk about consistent brand.

Is that any reflection on Rachel?
Brand is a reflection of what your customers would want it to be.

Perhaps the brand appears inconsistent, but perhaps that is just Rachel responding to the inconsistencies of her audience.

Some people have many, many colours. Should they hide a few away in order to appear consistent.

No. She is, what she is.

A true Brand.

One that reflects peoples perception of her.

Anonymous said...

It may be possible to 'Brand' a product, but how do we 'Brand' a living breathing and ever evolving soul like Rachel or any other living breathing ever evolving soul for that matter?

Rachel is as she is in any given momemnt, just as we all are!

Stephen said...

What we talk about here anonymous is about "Rachel the image", "Rachel the brand".

How can it be about anything else?

Unless you are good friend or family etc, then you don't really know her beyond the image conveyed.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

The irony of the event was there was very little Alpha Male ego on display.

I wanted an eclectic mix to look at the subject of wealth from the widest perspective but I think you will find from those in the audience they were absolutely blown away and charmed by the honesty and humility of all the speakers, in particular David Gold.

It's so easy to make pre-conceived judgements about people but until you actually sit and listen to them, the real person (not the media distorted characitures) you cannot really draw a conclusion.

All I can say about the event was that a huge amount of energy was released - and in that DLOG was right - it raised the vibration, in that sense it was an incredibly transformational event, with attendees reporting that all sorts of amazing deals, contracts and money started to flow for them in the days that followed.

I am incredibly proud of the event, it surpassed all my expectations, in fact I would go so far as to say it is one of my best 'creations' ever.