Sunday, 18 October 2009

Is it my imagination or... Simon Cowell in love with Cheryl Cole?

Did you notice how he kissed her in last night's show?


Stephen said...

From us boys out here Rachel.

Mr C said...

Surely Simon Cowell only loves...Simon Cowell.

Anonymous said...

Probably right Mr C, but there must be a little extra somewhere hidden away to give out!!

Stephen said...

Simon Cowell is a sadist. As is Seth Godin, Richard Branson and every other ugly monster ego out there.

These people trick you into believing that WANT is GOOD. They use the device of WANT to manipulate you and to choreograph you to the point where you bear your soul to the world. These people are all powerful because the bourgeosie can use their many ugly ways to ridicule and appease the general public.

If you want to make a real honest difference in this world, you NEED to address peoples NEEDS.

WANT is a very BAD word.

WANT is destroying us.

Stephen said...

by the way. Thank you Rachel for lunch the other day. I owe you one.

Mr C said...


A word of advice. Whatever your views I would suggest you delete the comment above unless you have evidence that will satisfy a court of law.


Stephen said...

Mr C. It would be a gross mistake for the overempowered to attack the words of "the disinfranchised" in our society. They would be seen as weak minded bullies and it would backfire on them.

All they need do is ignore the words and people they don't like and embrace the ones they do.

This advice is free for the bourgeosie.

Comments can only be deleted on this blog by those who are effectively "logged in". I am not responsible for its design.

Neither am i responsible for the lack of effective public relations foresight of the bourgeosie.

There is nothing for them to gain in whipping a dead dog anyway.

Anonymous said...

moan, moan, moan. You don't know what you are talking about Stephen. I love Simon myself.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Mr C, sounds like you could be Simon, what with mentioning a court of law!!
No doubt your tell us otherwise.

And anonymous, so what if Stephen moans, his choice is it not, this is a blog to air ones views is it not? And we are all entitled to our views and comments, are we not?

Keep Smiling everyone, it's a wonderful world we live in :-)


Stephen said...



Anonymous said...

My question...if you had the only slice of bread left in the world would you share it with others so that you all stayed alive for an equal amount of time, and would you make good use of this time? With all our resources becoming shorter and shorter in supply, would you waste these resources with complete abandon or preserve and make good use of them? I ask this because soul energy seems quite often to be spent here in such trivial ways. I put it to us all, if we were to die right now, would we be pleased with with the final moments of our life force being used up in such a way?

Susanne, operation life clear and healing concversations

Stephen said...

I myself would be very satisfied indeed. I would take to the grave knowing that i had my say and that my intentions were never to sit on my hands whilst a few incompetent, deviant morons ransacked the world.

I could sit and hum like a Zen buddhist all day (and maybe lift off into the air) or I could try and educate people away from ignorance.

A great man once said, "how can their be any peace when all the world must cry".

I ask, "why should there be any peace for the few, when the rest of consciousness is expected to suffer".

Anyone who thinks they should be free of suffering when the rest of the world is in turmoil, is selfish and deluded.

Stephen said...

If people want the last slice of bread then let them have it. Being the last one to die simply means there is no one left to bury you.

Stephen said...

What i'm saying is you cannot heal the individual when the rest of the world is suffering.

We are all sentient beings and as such our life force is interconnected with billions of other spirits, just like out own.

I do understand those who try to reach out and heal the individual.

But the truth is, those people are suffering, not because they are impoverished themselves, but because they are sensitive to the impoverishment of those around them.

The only way for the individual to heal, is for them to concentrate their inner being on healing others.

There is nothing new here. Nothing complicated. Those who make healing anymore complex are prostituting a sacred faculty. It is black magic, not healing.

We shall rise out of suffering ourselves, only by touching the hearts of many in the most significant ways.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Deepak Chopra put it beautifully, he explained that we are all one energy, that the trees are our lungs and the rivers our arteries, so how can we be truly happy and fulfilled while there are parts of our body which are polluted, starving and diseased?


Rachel Elnaugh said...

PS I rather think Stephen would enjoy being sued by Simon Cowell!

Stephen said...

Rachel said... PS I rather think Stephen would enjoy being sued by Simon Cowell!

Oh gosh Rachel, I can't think why you would think that!!!!

Don't you know that i'm a friend of the Stars?

Stephen said...


Deepak Chopra: Sounds like everyone should be listening to him. Its such a shame that many of these people get drowned out by the noise of the dissafected.

Still, we will move to make the difference.