Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Wonderful Wealth Wizards

Yesterday's Wealth Wizards proved to be the most amazing day.

The feedback afterwards was overwhelming, in particular people were blown away by Jeffrey Archer and David Gold who were so charming, entertaining and charismatic. Both stayed afterwards to do a book signing - here I am with my hero Jeffrey Archer.

The show opened with the brilliant 'Something About The Beatles' session by Mike Southon, we had numbers advice from Johnny Martin and lots of food for the soul from Nick Williams and Marie-Claire Carlyle.

And Paul Avins' 90+ minute workshop was packed with practical tips on how to leverage sales and profit.

All in all the most brilliant day - my thanks to all our speakers, my event team plus the British Library for allowing me to hold the event there, and to our event sponsors Vantis, Harrods, Hani O'Keefe, Giraffe Press, Creative Pond and PaloAlto Software.

If you'd like to get your hands on the 4 x DVD set of the event with over 6 hours' of footage you can pre-order at the special 50% off price of £37.50 + £2.50 P&P, simply click here:

I am now busily planning my next event!




Anne Herbert said...

It was a mind blowing event Rachel - really fantastic. Such a wealth of information, talent and inspiration all under one roof! I'm still buzzing. It is important though to take something away from this long term other than the buzz so am putting plans into action and expect them to come to fruition.
Thanks so much for a wonderful day.

Andy Carr said...

If I said it was a fantastic day with some excellent content, that would be an understatement.

My Brother Trevor and I came away feeling truly inspired...Jeffrey Archer and David Gold are the ultimate in entrepreneurialism, and their presentations were based on their real life stories, Jeffrey showing his skills at a very young age.... and David...well that really is a rags to riches story.

Well done Rachel, well done to all the presenters, once again a fantastic day...you've raised the bar Rachel! I'm looking forward to your next event.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible day, what an amazing experience :-)

and yeah when is the next one?

Rachel Elnaugh said...


I have been buzzing since Monday too!

It is such an agonizing process to put on an event... First comes the idea (Wouldn't it be great to...), next comes the fear (What if I don't manage to...), then you take the plunge and things start coming together - speakers agree, venue materialises, other things don't work - Philip Green says no, Alan Sugar says no, then suddenly both David Gold and Jeffrey say yes.

Time has slipped away but finally an event which I know will work fabulously!

Then comes the issue of selling the tickets - really really tough in this environment - in fact I had a conversation with a speaking agency yesterday who told me lots of events are being pulled at the moment because no one can sell tickets. In fact you do need nerves of steel because the majority of people book in the week before...

But Marie-Claire Carlyle helps me stay focussed and positive on a brilliant day - which was what was delivered!

My thanks to everyone who was involved, not just our speakers and sponsors but also everyone in the audience who invested trusted their time and money in me to attend.

You mention the buzz of being at the event, I think that is what it did - raise the vibration - and that alone is enough to start attracting great things!

(For me three new speaking bookings worth c£10k came in just yesterday.)

Just focus on keeping your vibration high - and the opportunities, customers and money will manifest!



Hani O'Keeffe said...

Rachel, you deserve every success. You don't just have the ideas and talk about them, you have the courage and self belief to see them them through, right to the end. Well done.


Stephen said...

I looked at that picture of Rachel and Jeffrey Archer and the words.......

"Up Yours Buddy", came into my head.

Triumph through Failure
Triumph through Failure

Lynda Harding said...

I would just like to echo the positive comments you've already had.
A truly fabulous event where you couldn't help but come away both inspired and quite frankly, on a completely higher level of vibration! I too am still buzzing and looking forward to what you next have in store!
Well done Rachel and all the Wealth Wizard speakers.... just off now to pre-order the DVDs.
Thanks so much for a memorable day.
Best regards

Judith Levy said...

It was a really fascinating day thank you Rachel and what a contrast between the different approaches. Your ability to bring different cultures together and to promote an ethical and spiritual approach to business whilst staying real is impressive. Keep your head in the sky and your feet on the ground! Judith

Matthew Brough said...

This was a fantasic day and I haven't stopped buzzing since.

Anyone who has any doubt about attending Rachels events should not fear. Absolutly 1st class. Thanks and well done Rachel.

Anne Herbert said...

I think in raising the energy and attracting more successful events you will find that these become legendary. I can see a time when you will be looking for a bigger auditorium than the one at the British Library and speakers will be queuing to get onto your agenda. When those that said 'no', will be happy to say 'yes'.
For me as I was buzzing during the event, my BlackBerry was buzzing away in my pocket. 3 orders worth over 6k came in that day - all with tight deadlines :-). Don't know if you noticed me at lunchtime on the phone. I was thanking the customers and lifting a prayer of thanks upwards at the same time. Very thankful that I made the personal investment in my time to attend the event.
Thanks for putting it on Rachel - it was worth every bit of effort you put into it.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hey everyone

In all the excitement I forgot to thank one person who really helped make the event a success:

THE DLOG (aka Jason of Giraffe Press) who acted as my Event Manager, handling all the logistics, printing, goody bags, tickets, the speaker meet & greets and everything else that needed to be sorted so that I could focus on the show.

Also to his team Paul, Matt and Lauren who were brilliant.

It was great to have that kind of support!

Thank you guys & gal


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic day! all speakers where amazing - the talent, experience and wisdom in that room
on monday was mind blowing - a truly insperational, classy and well organised event from start to finish

thank you very much Rachel

- Mike Southon was pure class -

Natasha Reddy said...

What a stunning day, Rachel, and have been networking ever since. Amazingly motivated and been getting up at 4.45 effortlessly to polish my book (Jeffrey Archer and his "RUTHLESS DISCIPLINE" - what a hero, totally agree, and now I've a photo on my desktop of myself and David Gold - pure charisma!!!)

Opportunities and energy just seem to be flowing my way - for the first time in years. I will definitely be attending again. By the way, Sir Alan Sugar is speaking at the BLCC in November for a tenner. I've booked!
Natasha Reddy

Rachel Elnaugh said...

I will see you at Alan Sugar ! Tickets are only £10 - they will go in an instant, suggest everyone books asap. Visit British Library website for details.


Anonymous said...

booked mine also, see you there

Stephen said...

I would go and see Alan Sugar if i wanted to be talked down to and set right "in version of right".

But i don't, so i won't.