Sunday, 11 October 2009

Will you be one of my 12?

In January 2010 I am commencing a completely new mentoring programme exclusively for a small group of entrepreneurs who will work together under my leadership and guidance.

The intention is to help you achieve personal fulfilment and success, not just in your business but in every area of your life.

The programme will commence with an intensive three day residential workshop running from the evening of Monday 18 January to the morning of Thursday 21 January 2010. During this workshop we will explore your business proposition, marketing, business model and ambitions for the business. We'll also explore the issues and blocks you currently face.

You'll leave this workshop with clarity and focus, as well as an action plan for the following 12 months.

I then provide you with unlimited one-to-one mentoring support by email and telephone, as and when you need it.

In addition, I'll be hosting a monthly webinar for members of the Inner Circle to touch base and communicate both your triumphs as well as the challenges you face as you implement your plan.

I'll also be hosting an all-expenses paid quarterly networking dinner exclusively for the Inner Circle group which will take place on a weekday evening at the Royal Exchange in the City of London.

Here's what other entrepreneurs have said about the mentoring support I have given them:

"I contacted Rachel after reading her book Business Nightmares. I was impressed with the book as I am a strong believer that we learn the most at our lowest points and mistakes are a natural part of life which help us learn and understand far more than any success. Rachel suggested her mentoring service, after talking with her about my business requirements (high growth) I agreed this was the best option. Rachel helps mentor me on another level compared to other business coaches and mentors I have come across, she helps me with my vision of the bigger picture not just the current business issues at hand, although she frequently helps me with any question and can be a beacon of light when it seems there is no one else to turn to.

She is interested in the long term business relationship and not just a making a quick buck, proof of this is her ability to always return my calls, business book gifts, providing great business contacts (which you cannot put a price on ) and even opening our new offices giving her time for FREE.

I would recommend Rachel to any budding entrepreneur - successful or failing - she has the ability to cut through the crap and get down to real business advice, and the most important thing is you know it's genuine as she has walked the walk."
Simon Stokes - Founder and MD Assured Fire & Security

"On behalf of everyone here at PhotoArtistry, I am writing to say a heartfelt .Thank You' for your continued mentoring and support. As I reflect over the last couple of years it is amazing to see how far we have come in such a short space of time. I find it remarkable that your assessment of our business and its potential after your first visit was spot on, your advice sound and your support tremendous particularly as we were going through a rather rocky patch at the time.

In addition, you were able to provide us with a range of ideas and solutions some of which we were able to implement immediately, others in the medium term and others still have taken longer and are ongoing. I am particularly pleased that you helped us see the importance of moving out of our premises and moving to a larger, more purpose designed facility. We are very, very happy here and you know how happy people are productive people. There is so much energy in the place. Our turnover increased the month we moved which was a bit of a surprise considering we had to take time out to move.

Rachel, you have an understanding of what being in business is really like having been through the roller coaster yourself and for that reason you are able to offer practical solutions and yet understand and appreciate that things aren't always plain sailing but with perseverance, courage and determination the chance of success is higher.

It is wonderful that we can draw inspiration from a number of entrepreneurs and I really look forward to your webinars and seminars. At the end of each session I like to make a short summary and to document any lessons or action plans to help me move forward.

I do really want to thank you. For me it is a great and wonderful privilege. I hope you are getting as much from this relationship as I am. If you ever need me to speak with anyone about our experience, I would feel very privileged to do so. Without a doubt the story could have been a different one if I had listened to my naysayers two years ago.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"
Anne Herbert - Founder and MD Photoartistry

"I cannot emphasise enough the exceptional positive impact that Rachel has had on my business. As a .start up' in the baby products industry, Rachel has helped me create a brand that is now holding its own against the .big boys' in the market place. Her input on sales and marketing has been invaluable; always constructive, positively focussed and offered with such overwhelming energy. She is a catalyst for new ideas and her enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals is incredible. Rachel has helped me immeasurably and I consider it a privilege to be one of her clients; she is without a doubt THE business mentor to have on your team."
Lynda Harding - Founder and MD Easidream

There will be a maximum of just 12 entrepreneurs in the 'Inner Circle' programme.

For full details visit the business mentoring area of my website.

I do hope that you will decide to join me.



Mr C said...

"Will you be one of my 12?"

Disciples perhaps?

Er, thanks but no thanks but good luck nevertheless.

Rachel, just a thought but have you considered actually writing a book about marketing? It strikes me that you're still trading off your previous celebrity whereas your current experience would arguably be more relevant?


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Mr C

Clearly you know nothing about the work I've been doing for the past 4 years! Which has been all around helping entrepreneurs on their business journey.

And yes I AM currently writing my next book.


Stephen said...

Its easy to be sceptical and GOD don't i know how to be sceptical about things.

By taking this offer up you are never going to be a Rachel Elnaugh. They really broke the mould when they made her.

But if you want to swim with the big fish and maybe catch hold of opportunities that you would ordinarily never see, then this is money well spent. I know she has contacts with people that you would never gain access to.

In the US, mentoring programmes are big business and i know a lot of people who are now millionaires because they invested in taking up this kind of offer. One of the guys i follow myself is Howie Schwartz and he is of the same calibre as Rachel. This seems like bullshit and you say i can make it on my own, but for £5grand you can cut to the chase and start building revenue the smart way.

But first you have to alter the way you see business and thats what you gonna get.

So i'd say, mortgage the house and and take up Rachels offer.

You are definately going to get to swim with the bug fish there.

Get with the big fish - Else you might just find yourself swimming with the tiddlers.

take it from an ex millionaire. I know how these thing work. Swim with the big fish - take up Rachels offer. This is gold.

Anonymous said...

Who is the ex millionaire? you or rachel? I assume Rachel still it...


Stephen said...

Rachel = Shes Like Jamie Archer.

Up yours and away.


your sex is on fire............



Stephen said...


me is an ex.

She is a now millionaire...

2010, year of the cool..

Anonymous said...

just so everyone knows 'J' is not thedlog.

But have to say, Rachel is doing a grand job, if only half the people out knew what she does, need I say more. She is an absolute star, a real inspiration to all that know her.

Keep up the good work Rachel, and when everyone starts to see what great things you do, they'll all wnat to be part of YOUR tribe!!


Rachel Elnaugh said...

What a wonderful comparison - I just love Jamie Archer!

However I do think Stacey from Dagenham is going to win though...


Stephen said...


Youtube might just be giving up a secret here.

Daniel is way out in front with 8 and half million views. He's only 1 million off Leona and has only been going a few weeks.

Frankly, i can't stand the little twit, but when you listen to the quality of his voice, like Jamie, he's a true star. Stacy is the peoples choice. But watch for the real surprise package.

My tip is for little Joe.

Excellent year for X-Factor.

Apart from the poison twins.

Stephen said...

I saw some gurus mentoring the other night and it was like watching hell in the cell on WWE wrestling. Loads of macho hype, with hardly any substance at all.

Then i spoke to this quiet spoken frenchman the other night and got his opinion on Internet marketing and it was like seeing inside Aladins cave.

So a lot of these hypey marketers tell you that they are going to motivate you to take action, when the only thing that really does motivate you to take action... is solid information that makes you "truly" ultra competitive.

Pure gold.

Mr C said...


I think you may have misunderstood me. It is precisely because of the work you have been doing since RLD that I think you should write a book about that experience.

I think a book about practical marketing and PR from you would sell well (I'd buy a copy or two!)


Stephen said...

I have read six books in my whole life Mr C. In order of maturity:

1. Mr Men Series (Mr Jelly Rocks)
2. The Treasure Hunters by Enid Blyton
3. The Hardy Boys
4. David Icke (The Matrix)
5. Spiders, Bots & Beasties
6. Strategic IS (Henry Firdman)

Yet i have known both great success and great failure.

Stand me next to a real deal person anyday. There i will learn.

Books are for the birds.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!