Thursday, 30 October 2008

If I Were President

Now that baby Jack has got into the habit of waking up at 6.45am I have got into the habit of watching Sky News Breakfast programme for my daily dose of worldwide meltdown and catastrophe. And on the show they have a great 5 minute cameo of historic/important people saying what they would do if they were President of the United States of America.

This morning's slot was a Red Indian campaigner for the rights of indigenious people who pointed out that the whole of the US constitution was based on theft and that what the US (and the world) needs is a move from patriarchy to matriarchy where people live with individual freedom but within communities which function as families with love at the heart of things and where resources are shared and each makes their own contribution in whatever way they can. The community educates the young looks after its old and also respects the land it occupies.

Which I thought was a wonderful way of putting it.

In short a more feminine and harmonious way of existing.

Now that the system which allowed brute force to grab all it could and rape the land, and whose greed has now lead to financial and environmental meltdown not to mention so much war and destruction, perhaps it is time to consider returning to a more natural and peaceful way of being?


Stephen said...

Well apparently our human nature is to wage war against each other.

So even if there was harmony we would all be looking over the hill to see what else we could lay our hands on. What else we could plunder from our neighbour.

This is of course a complete untruth, designed to demonise the majority in order to satisfy the desires of a few.

These few are the inhuman, the morally corrupt. They should be pitied, not served.

Listen only to your intuition.

It KNOWS how life should be.

No words can describe it - yet it is the most simple thing.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect,

"perhaps it is time to consider returning to a more natural and peaceful way of being?"

NO, it is NOT a time to consider, it is a time to ACT and ACT NOW!!

Go back to basics, so much to re-learn from the likes of Red Indians, and YES theft it was, they (Red Indians) are the true Americans. It seems that the American Administration are not content with their own so called land (which they stole) they want the WORLD, and then they will destroy the other wonderful cultures, same as they did with native Red Indians.

PEACE LOVE RESPECT, quite simple really, but then perhaps I am just simple minded!!


Stephen said...

Yes DLOG, i think we are expected to believe that COMPLEX is smartest - when in fact SIMPLE is closer to the truth.

I feel many people don't want the truth because they have been bombarded by too many people giving them the truth. Many people have accepted the truth from many people on many occasions. Only to find that what they committed too turned out to not be the truth. Or a half-truth - which isn't a truth.

Of course this serves the purveyors of uncertainty well.

A breakdown in the capacity for truth that runs through every facet of our society is what the worst kind seek.

If i were President, i'd seek them out and make them tell it SIMPLE.

Anonymous said...

"a more natural and peaceful way of being?"

Sounds great but what makes you think that our current way of being is not natural? We are self deterministic so the state in which we find ourselves is ours and ours alone. A natural consequence of our decisions so to speak.

If you are right, tell me at what point we suddenly departed the natural way and took our presumably artificial direction?

Native Americans were conquered by the European settlers, in the same way people have been conquering each other since Mr Caveman discovered that clubbing his neighbour enabled him to grab a bigger share of the kill. Again, a natural state of man. You may not like it but it is definitely natural. The question is whether we can change or indeed whether we should.


Stephen said...

C, I guess it is the entrepreneur in Rachel and others that says it is unacceptable to continue along the trajectory that we have been going.

It is this same outlook that drives entrpreneurs to build new products, new markets etc.

If we are unable in the 21st century to reach a level of consciousness beyond that of the caveman, then we certainly are going to be in trouble.

The only people we must convince is our leaders, who seem hell bent on playing the same old dumb games.

The natural state of man to conflict, is in fact the natural of a few men who cultivate others to conflict.

Rachel Elnaugh said...


It is all about evolution.

There was a professor interviewed on TV recently who said 'humans have stopped evolving because they have no need to change'.

I disagree.

My view is that we are on the brink of the next stage in human evolution and that it is to do with a raising in the human vibration which will open new dimensions.

I think it will result in an increased ability to communicate via intuition and a more spiritual way of being.

When there is a sufficient critical mass of people operating at this higher vibration that is when we will reach the tipping point.

It is the '100th monkey' syndrome.

Just my view.


Stephen said...

It is not in the interest of those in the upper stratosphere to allow too many people to ascend this higher level of consciousness.

For one thing, doing business will become much easier than it currently is. This could put a lot of parasites out of business.

Perhaps we might actually be able to get on with the business of running to business, rather than running away from it.

It seems that Business today is like running naked through the forest whilst the squirrels try and take a bite out of your nuts.

sorry ladies.... better go where Ross and Brand are now...heh.

Anonymous said...

I think you might be confusing evolution with knowledge.

Genetically man is largely the same animal that emerged from the Stone Age but in knowledge terms they are incomparable.

It depends on your philosophical standpoint about what constitutes consciousness. Is it simply biochemistry in the brain, is it knowledge or is it something more ethereal? You I guess are in the latter camp whereas I am boringly in the first one!


Stephen said...

C said...I think you might be confusing evolution with knowledge.

Actually i wasn't thinking about either really.

I was equating consciousness with an ability to think about the world (and live life)in a harmonious way, rather than in a selfish and barbaric way.

I do appreciate that i think in terms of ideals, rather than what i am TOLD is necessarily realistic.

It seems to me that someones version of reality is someone elses mental prison. So i am going to stay with ideals and work back from there for now.

Mr A Dragon said...

I think C is right..

We are essentially animals, but blessed (or cursed, depending on your view) with great knowledge.

And because we have this knowledge we believe that everything should have a reasoned answer and that we can control it all.

This is simply not the case. We do still live by the rule of the jungle, however, survival of the fittest has now been replaced with survival of the richest, survival of the biggest business etc.

And in most cases, many decisions we make are still controlled by our most basic of pre-historical survival skills - fight or flight.

How are we all getting on with our Action Plan?

I checked up on my elderly neighbour over the weekend and have been smiling at strangers and have made a donation to charity..

However, its still a jungle and I'm still read to fight when I have to - ggrrrrrrhhhhhh!

Stephen said...

Actually, i think it is more "survival of the stupidest".