Monday, 27 October 2008

Million Possible!

I love helping others on their entrepreneurial journey and last week was at the Business Show in Bolton speaking about my entrepreneurial experiences, signing copies of my book Business Nightmares and taking part in the panel for a Dragons' Den style entrepreneur pitch.

In return for me speaking the organisers gave me a stand at the show, which I gave to the Million Impossible team - here I am with Bradley Chapman (a regular commentator on my Blog) and his team. Next stop we will be at the Business Start Up Show in Olympia on 28/29 November.

I'm so privileged and honoured to be able to be part of such great events.


TheDLOG said...

Well, I've ordered my tickets for The Business Start Up Show, even we are already in business, but could be another learning curve, always interested in others opinions and views.


Bradley Chapman said...

Rachel thank you so much for helping me and giving Million Impossible the opportunity to shine(without you it would not have been possible).

The team really enjoyed meeting you and as and you said to me on the phone the other day, there was a great energy on the stand.

We look forward with great anticipation to the London show., which, i am sure will bring an even greater exposure for us all.

You have been writing so much about emotional balance and being able to find your inner self, even when having been through such adversity as we both have, it is not easy!

I am still searching for myself, the real me, but having you as a guide, mentor and friend is helping me as i move that bit closer to closure.

"Come to the edge he said, do not be afraid and together we will fly"

With fond regards

Bradley Chapman

ryan smith said...


What a pic! Such a shame i was unable to attend the bolton show it would of been quite an experience! although i am really looking forward to meeting a variety of business owners at the up and coming show at the london olympia. Im also looking forward to meeting rachel as iv read the article in the raw entrepreneur and it would be good to get some advice! so glad team m.i. had a good day at the show!!

Ryan Smith
Million Impossible

Colin MI said...

I wasn't able to attend the Bolton Show but I'm really looking forward to attending the Olympia Show.

I not only look forward to meeting Rachel but any Million Impossible members that want to come and visit us.

See you all there!

Adam Cowen said...

Really a shame i was unable to attend the show in Bolton. I am looking forward the the start up show in London with great anticipation

Heidi Weir said...

We had an amazing time at the show and were pleased to be able to exhibit. The reaction to our concept was amazing so we have all come away with a renewed energy.

I would like to personally thank Rachel for her ongoing support with regards to Million Impossible and enabling us to attend the show.

We now eagerly await the Start Ups show in Olympia.

Heidi, Million Impossible.

Matt Hickey said...


What a pic! It was quite an experience! there was a great energy on the stand.
I am now really looking forward to the up and coming show at the london olympia.

See you all there

Matt Hickey

Jack Gardner said...

I have heard so much positive feed back about million impossible at the bolton business show. Its a shame i have missed this years show but i will be at the Olympia so lets hope MI gets a bigger response there. In the words of Yazz "the only way is up"

Scott English said...


What a fantastic day- It was brilliant to find so many people interested in Million Impossible, Business Sourcer and the Raw Entrepreneur Magazine.

I wanted to say a personal thankyou as you helped with the PR through your book signing on our stand, and even on TOWER FM, when they spoke to you, you still managed to turn it around to be more about Million Impossible!!

I really enjoyed the day and look forward to London Start-Ups.

It was a pleasure to of met you and wish you every success

Scott English

Michelle Punter said...

Hi Racheal

Unfortunatly I couldn't make the Bolton show looking forward to Olympia. Have recently had 2 years off of work to have my 2 children am finding the transition of getting back into work full time challenging. Just wondered if you had any tips as a successful business person and mum of 5.
Looking forward to meeting you at Olmypia I am sure it will be as successfull as Bolton has been for team MI.

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Hi Michelle

I would advise you to think about what you really love doing in life and what gives you great joy and pleasure - then try to build a business around that.

If you work from your passion then you are far more likely to have great success as well as attract all the right people and opportunities along the way.



mannie laveryty said...

I wasn't able to attend the Bolton Show but I'm really looking forward to attending the london Olympia Show.
i look forward to meeting Rachel at london and i cant wait to push myself to new limits as one thing bradley has passed onto me is the only thing that stands in your way is you I now have my goal im going for in november and no matter what it takes i will get there

Stephen said...

Good luck with Million Possible Bradley. It sounds a very exciting venture and well supported with Rachel and others are behind it.

I cannot currently travel but if there are new entrepreneurs out there who are looking for advice on starting software/R&D/IT/Web design/SEO businesses i would be happy to help. They would need to travel down to Kent though.

A Million is Possible. Its just a question of balancing the tactical with the strategic and being a little creative.. heh

I love it when there are new positive things to speak about on Rachels blog. Perhaps we go to deep at times and maybe a little off course...

theunknownentrepreneur said...

Stephen, thank you for your kind comments. When you put a room full (or blog full) of passionate Entrepreneurs together we are all at times bound to go off reservation.

Rachel has been an angel for us all in many ways and I know that she gets a lot of value from what she is doing now.. and like an Elephant, I will never forget

Regards Brad

Anonymous said...


Good luck with the venture. I think there is a market for a magazine aimed at entrepreneurs or moreover would be entrepreneurs. The latter category are far more numerous and probably have more time to read the thing. A few more rags to riches stories should raise the aspirational content!


Anonymous said...


Can you please highlight your public appearances on your blog or site?? - I would have come to bolton only half an hour away if i had known!!