Saturday, 16 May 2009

Who killed the honey bee?

A few months ago I had a conversation with contemporary shaman Judith Seelig (who I have talked about elsewhere on this blog) during which she was talking about the danger to the human race because the honey bees were dying out... Swarms being transported hundreds of miles to pollinate crops and hence being disorientated and destroying their natural sense of direction.

The danger is, without bees to pollinate crops, there will be no food and without food the entire food chain is destroyed. Humans would become extinct.

Therefore it was disturbing to watch BBC2's programme last night 'Who killed the honey bee?' which revealed that MILLIONS of bees are now dying - and that some beekeepers have lost 80% of their bees due to 'Colony Collapse Disorder'.

It would seem that Planet Earth is truly starting to break down...


Mr C said...

"The danger is, without bees to pollinate crops, there will be no food and without food the entire food chain is destroyed. Humans would become extinct."

Good to see that we're not going to let the inconvenience of facts interfere with some sensationalism.

Firstly, it is unlikely that all bees are going to die out. Secondly, not all crops are affected as many are wind pollinated or pollinated by other insects.

However, the message that bees are suffering and it might be slightly problematic is I grant you not such as sexy message as we're all going to die due to a lack of bees.


Stephen said...

Darling Rachel,

The bees are not going to die out and the world is not breaking down.

What we are seeing is the breakdown of humanity, witnessing itself having a nervous breakdown.

The world will recover and mankind will finally rise above the sway of the physical realm to a place in the infinite stars.

This is the awakening that many talk about and it is what i sense will be.

So we should not feel so sorry for the world now. We must rejoice and look forward to this rebirth of awareness.

Anonymous said...

But Stephen, you may well be right, but you have to admit that the human race is destroying nature, the 'pyramid' of life. We continually exploit our natural world, then complain we don't see the animals we used to abundance.
Leave the animal kingdom and nature alone, it is more than capable of looking after itself without our interference.


Anonymous said...


From a breaking-down human's perspective:

Ooh...quick, I must now think up clever money-making plan, f*ck sustainability, mother earth and green issues (you can all crash and burn and die for all I care)make loads of money and join Richard Branson for a place in the infinite stars, so I can rejoice in this awakening and re-birth.

And like you, I am not one bit sorry too.

Point: It is happening all around us, these consequences of our irresponsibility, fuelled by greed and vanity. We should stop and think and have some respect for sustainability, before we do mankind in with our stupid stunts. This stopping and thinking and caring is a whole load better than clapping hands and rejoicing because we are re-birthing and awakening.

Stephen said...

We cannot stop the tied of our destiny anonymous. Humanity is on a collision course with its own karma.

Those with the power will try everything from engendering wars, to releasing super-virus's and all manner of ways to reduce the population, but the truth is that this ship is sinking - and we are ALL going down.

But this is not the end. This will be a new beginning. For that i am truly grateful.

The Prof. said...

Farmed honeybees are badly affected.

Wild ones are not. It's only the lifestyles of apiarists in danger,but not the wild honeybees.

Rather akin to expecting a battery hen to live in the wild.

Stephen said...

Mankind tries to bend nature usings its thoughts. Nature is stronger than man. When man had gone, nature will make some more honey bees.