Monday, 18 May 2009

Marketing Nuggets of Pure Gold for FREE!

What if you could increase your business takings by double in 7 days or less by spending virtually nothing on marketing?

Or how about generating over £220,000 in sales from a single webpage in 3 weeks or less again with hardly a penny spent marketing?

Or how about creating virtually zero cost marketing that generates literally a cash flow that can be switched off and on at will?

Do not miss a webinar which I will be hosting with zero cost marketing expert Alan Forrest Smith.

Alan has promised to reveal at least 5 gold nuggets of insider marketing strategies that you can copy and apply right now without having invested a single penny.

Alan tells me all of these strategies are scientifically proven and have worked time and time again in various business.

He told me if you want to survive recession, you need to be on this free webinar. After talking to him for 30 minutes... I believe him, so should you.

Do not miss what is looking like a highly charged, very powerful discussion on low investment, higher return marketing for 2009 with myself and Alan Forrest Smith.

Title: Rachel Live - with Zero Cost Marketing Expert Alan Forrest Smith

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM BST

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:

Looking forward to hearing from you on the call!


Stephen said...

hey, somebody send me the video. I need to make a little moooooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

You're the best man...go win the video yourself.

Stephen said...

If its a good video Rachel, count me in on a JV.

Anonymous said...


May the best man (or woman) win at this greatest illusion - we call life!"

See Stephen, admitting to wanting a JV (it takes 2 for a JV) if the video is good means you need others to help you on to that victory....or in your case, mooooooooolaaaaaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

...and maybe subscribing to the philosophy of life according to the Sex Pistols may actually result in more of the pistols and less of the sex.

Stephen said...

Well i don't want a JV necessarily. I just want the video really.


Anonymous said...

Then go get it...all by yourself.


Stephen said...


anonymous you can't even reveal yourself, let alone go by yourself.


Stephen said...

I bet they don't make all that money promised in the Marketing Nuggets course..


Would have gone to this if i could stomach London...


Rachel,, send me the video....



Anonymous said...

So, you're resorting to this move because you're losing the argument?

Well, how about this: I can reveal myself but I don't want to, because I can.

"I bet they don't make all that money promised in the Marketing Nuggets course..


Then why are you asking Rachel to help you by giving you the video?

Better still, may the best man get the video all by himself. Thought you didn't need the help?....deja vu......yawn..... don't need to go to London for this Webinar - you just need to log on to the Webinar tomorrow evening from your computer at 6 pm...just click on the link Rachel provided in her blog.....honestly. Rachel's webinars are really good...and she keeps them in a vault on her website so you can access them again afterwards to think more about what was said. So join in, learn and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Stephen. This evening. 6 pm.

Stephen said...

damn it. Family back at 6pm... Will login and see the archives later,



Hani said...

The webinar with Alan was just great tonight, really inspiring. Thank you Rachel and Mike for hosting it.

Stefan said...

Agree with Hani - thanks, an absolutely wonderful webinar! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rachel for bringing Alan on for us. The last 35 minutes or so was fantastic. Need to check it out when it is in the vault to ponder over it again.

Alan, however, succeeded in making me want to come up to London on 2 June!....which made me think about his techniques and cannot wait for his webinar to come out in the vault so I can refine mine......

Wish I could go to the marketing babysitter's on holiday.


From A1, the anonymous contributor of all the Anonymous responses on this particular blog so far. I am now off to do some real work now and won't be posting for a while....was fun whilst it lasted though.

mike_b said...

I first met alan almost 20 years ago. He set up his first hair salon in my village and cut my hair!! - I didnt carryon, because he moved to a town center where parking is IMHO a pain

I actually think Alan let himself down with this. I have seen Alan speak many times, and he is one of the most captivating stage speakers on the marketing circuit.

Maybe it is more expectation, but I thought he was rather introspective and flat...but then he is outrageous

Rachel Elnaugh said...

I thought he was fabulous!

I can't wait to hear all our speakers on 2 June - it is a fantastic line-up - OK, well we did choose them, but I figure if it's someone I feel I will learn from then so will you.