Thursday, 1 May 2008

And so it begins... (again)

Just when I thought it might be safe to go back in the water, I read Jonathan Guthrie's rather nasty review of my new book Business Nightmares in the Financial Times.

Basically he has used the book as an excuse to slag me off (yet again) for being that business failure who is now simply a whining bitch. And it's clear from the review that he's only bothered to read the first chapter!!!

Interestingly, reading Jonathan's article (and the ferocity of his venom against me) you really have to wonder what kind of person HE actually is.

After all, as the old saying goes, people criticise in others what they secretly despise most about themselves.


thearmchairdetective said...

Well I read Guthrie's review of the book and as a direct result of doing so I wasted a couple of valuable hours searching for the naked PR photographs that he alleges you had done and which, of course, was one of the reasons that "R.L.D." went to the wall. If I were you I wouldn't overly concern yourself with his review, in fact If you (unfortunately) DID NOT have any photos taken in the manner he suggests then I would genuinely consider seeking legal advice for damages and consider making a complaint to the paper and seek a front page public apology.

Anonymous said...


I have the book on order and UKpreneur shall cover this as a review without the personal attack!

His review seems to be taken from a gossiper and not as a business critic.

Jonathan's Bio from the FT says and I quote

'He blends humour with serious analysis and comment to take on politicians and campaigners intent on loading business with social, ethical and tax obligations'

Maybe he should add the word 'bitchy' in there!

Chin up!

Stephen Ryan said...

Its the rough with the smooth Rachel. The rough with the smooth.

TheBabylonGroup said...

Whatever Rachel, seriously, whatever ! When we all launch something new, there is always some narrow minded b*****d in the background ready to kick you back down. That sort of review really winds me up. Genuine congratulations on the book, I am sure it is fab, just sorry I cannot make the London launch party to congratulate you in person. All the best. Roland

John said...


I'm afraid when you chose to be on Dragons' Den and therefore publicly criticising other people, you made yourself something of a target - as are all "celebrities". You've got two choices now 1) deal with it or 2) get out of the limelight. I hope you pick option 1.

"...enumerates a list of culprits worthy of an aria from The Mikado" - now that's a phrase I never thought I'd see in a review of a business book!

Anonymous said...


You replied to criticism that you have faced. It hurts when it is personal doesn't it!

I just write on my blogs "The Strength of man is to resist temptation".

It's how you feel about who you are that completes you.....

Keep going- you show all of us that have fallen that we can rise again!

Good Luck
The Unknown Entrepreneur

Rachel Elnaugh said...

Armchair Detective,

I am sorry you wasted your time looking on the web for naked pics of me! There are none (to my knowledge!).

Just like everything else in the FT review, the 'naked pic' comment was twisted - I was talking about the Elizabeth Galton incident where I agreed to be photographed naked wearing just a large piece of her ornate costume jewellery to cover my modesty, in order to help promote her brand - and then received an invoice from Galton for £4k for the privilege.

The pics were so hideous we never did release them.

free-viral-marketing said...

Rachel.....these journalists suck, stop listenting to them. After all - what has any one of them ever achieved? - They are wasters. Proof of the old idea - empty vessels make the most sound.

Saw your interview today on working lunch - I think it is time to start promoting the very positive things that you have done since RLD

(if you dont ask you dont get...
how can I get a signed biography? not to sell , to keep!!)

justjohn said...

Rachel, your book is fantastic. To those who I hope you are aiming it at, it will inspire.(i am in that number) To those thinking about it, if you feel nothing, stick to the day job. To those who's aim in life is to find fault in something you could never understand......Get a Life!

Barry said...

Hi Rachel

Someone much wiser than me once said, "those who can do, those who can't criticise" and as they say no FT no what does FT stand for??

Human Dynamics said...

In the end all publicity is good publcity - it might just not seem like it at the time.

At least your profile and publisher / agent has allowed you to gat an FT review, which is out of reach to many people without the celebrity brand and / or the money to throw at the FT to get their attention.

Controvery sells books!


Peter Cook