Monday, 28 April 2008

The Adventure Continues...

Since my last post it is incredible how much is now unfolding, and how fast.

New people, new ideas, new opportunities.

And, after a weekend of great newspaper coverage of my new book 'Business Nightmares', today the book is #3 in Business titles on Amazon and I've just completed four TV and radio interviews to a total audience of c40million people.

Tonight, I find myself at a charming hotel near Newbury called 'The Crab at Chieveley' in preparation for tomorrow's Ideal Business Show at Newbury Racecourse. If you are in the area please drop by and come and hear me speak - 10.30am.


Rob Cartwright said...

Finding the time to come and see you is my main problem in business at the moment!


Anne Herbert said...

I can feel your energy and excitement Rachel and feel very proud for you. Can't can't wait to read the book.
I think for a lot of entrpreneurs who feel they are going through the wars at the moment you bring a ray of hope.



MrRobot said...

Yes, it seems that the best stories always attact the most success.