Sunday, 20 April 2008

Profound Experience

As you can imagine, I get invited to participate in events all the time - many of which I have to decline due to the restrictions on my time, plus the family demands of having a family of 5 quite young boys.

But, once in a while, an invitation arrives on my doorstep which feels so appropriate and synchronistic that I intuitively feel I must accept it, to allow new experience to flow into my life...

Such an event happened this weekend, where I joined a group of 15 other women plus the amazing shaman Judith Seelig at the 'Fire and the Feminine' event at Windsor Castle.

The invitation arrived with no real description of what the weekend would entail, nor any detailed agenda of what to expect; just that it was an event for women business leaders.

So we women all arrived in good faith, essentially on a 'Magical Mystery Tour' of the soul, with no expectations, to see how the weekend would unfold.

I will not add too much detail, but suffice to say that the weekend was profoundly moving for me, for a number of reasons... Not least the fact that when you say 'yes' to things which suddenly appear in your life, with total faith and abandon, the results can be profound.

I am certain that much will result from this weekend's events, partly because of the energy and understanding generated between the women present, but also because of the calibre of the group. But meantime, let me just say that the wheels of the Universe are moving in a totally new direction which I feel sure will have amazing consequences for this planet and 'all who sail in her'.

Please stay 'tuned in' for more posts on this subject!


MrRobot said...

I honestly think that woman are covertly inheriting the earth. If you ever saw the two Ronnies sketch "the worm that turned", you'd know they were more than just comedians.

They were true visionaries!


Franchise Whale said...

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