Thursday, 22 May 2008

Crisis of Confidence

You know that feeling that comes sometimes when you wonder whether you should keep going with what you are doing, or maybe consider changing your direction in life?

Well, it happened to me this week, and having completed my book (which was a real labour of love, and took me 18 months to complete), I did ask myself whether it possibly represented a closure on the entrepreneurial chapter of my life.

The answer came yesterday - I was asked to present the 2008 Enterprise Awards for the IAB at the House of Commons, and quite unexpectedly at the end of the event they presented me with their special award for 'Championing Entrepreneurship in the UK'.

I really thought my award winning days had ended when Red Letter Days crashed, so it was a real honour and delight to have my work in the small business sector recognised.

And I also think it was the Universe giving me the answer I was looking for.

So here in the office of Rachel Elnaugh Ltd today it's business as usual!

My thanks go to the IAB for giving me the wonderful gift of clarity.


Bo Danerius said...

PPD. Post Production Depression. That empty feeling that hits every time youve finished a big project. Happens to everyone I know and isnt really connected to self doubt. It just feels that way.

Congrats on the award :)

MrRobot said...

Time for a new challenge Rachel?

Maks said...

Congratulations on your new book Racheal... Its a huge achievement.

When you have days like that, trust me run your self a night time bath with some lavender bath soak and lovely candles to relax and sooth your mind.

After this all you want to do is sleep with no time to think of any crisis or confidence. Remember in life there are good days and bad days we all have them.

mike_b said...

Stop doubting yourself rachel!

Go get em!!

Leona said...

Don't give up, just look for the next great idea, you did it once you can do it again and at least you won't make the same mistake this time.