Monday, 10 December 2007

Vacancy: Lady-In-Waiting

I switched off my email for most of today so I could focus on completing my book (self-discipline to the max is now required to meet my publishing deadline, and email is SUCH a distraction when you are an author, darling :-)

But when I opened my inbox tonight I was delighted to receive a deluge of really nice, positive emails as a result of yesterday's Sunday Times Business article.

I've replied to a few (mainly those offering dinner or deals!) but am unlikely to respond to them all right now - so I thought I should just write a post to say Thank You, and apologise for not responding to you as quickly as I'd have liked.

I went down the road of recruiting a PA a few months back but decided against it, mainly as I wanted to keep everything really personal (and it's amazing how many emails start off saying "I'm sure you don't read your emails but...") - so, YES I DO read them all, but I'm getting to the point now where I simply can't respond to them all individually.

I watched the 'Monarchy' series last week and think that what I now need is a 'lady-in waiting' - so if you know anyone suitable please let me know!

Meantime, keep the mail coming...


Stephen said...

I know of the type of lady you want. I would call her "a hijackable brand".


Ian said...

Does it have to be a lady?