Wednesday, 19 December 2007

At last the LibDems get it right...

Thank goodness the LibDems have finally seen the light and voted in a young, sexy dynamic new leader in the shape of Nick Clegg. I loved his acceptance speech - so positive and forward looking. And yes Nick you were spot on, there are so many people who are 'almost' LibDem voters (myself included - I briefly voted LibDem after the men in grey suits deposed Thatcher) that this is exactly where you need to be working.

And shame on Chris Huhne for descending into backstabbing in the contest. I suspect that's what won it for Clegg. I see it all around at the moment - people are moving away from conflict and competition - there is a new spirit of harmony and collaboration dawning.

Put our new man Nick alongside the gorgeous David Cameron and suddenly Gordon Brown is looking like an tired old windbag...

Roll on the next General Election!


Mr Robot said...

MrRobot - echos that too!
Disruptive innovation - don't you just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch out the reds and the blues!!!

Mr Robot said...

Hey Rachel,

Why don't you raise the following topic with entrepreneurs?

British Managers:: Rather play "Political Games" than develop Responsible Businesses?

mr robot