Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sweet FA

Forget about Fabio Capello needing to learn to speak English, how about the FA learning the basics of PR?

Yesterday's Press Conference was a farce - it left one wondering how the whole deal had been negotiated. And also, whether Fabio actually understands what job he's just taken on.

It would not have taken much for Fabio to have learned a few carefully crafted statements in English for the conference; I am amazed that the FA board allowed him to appear so unprepared.

If there are to be any further sackings at the FA it should not be of the Manager!

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Mr Robot said...

Echo that... I also didn't understand why Lewis Hamilton wasn't allowed to win F1 this year. Call me paranoid - but the whole thing looked a little fishy to me - and he was the best driver - by a mile!

Don't they all know how close we are to not being bovvvvvered any more!!!! don't they realise - that not all of us are stupid!

How helpful are these kinds of PR freakshow to the entrepreneurial spirit in this country?