Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Thanks but no thanks, Dragons...

Bravo to Maks for declining to appear on the next series of Dragons' Den to obtain funding for her Wu-Chi skincare range, by way of the following email she sent to the production team:

Dear ****, Thank you for contacting us with regards to possible consideration and participation for series 5 of the Dragons Den investment opportunities. Although we welcome investment, partners and growth in our business, we do not believe that this programme is the way forward for us. We are realistic, determined, passionate and committed to the Luxury, Ethics and Quality of our Natural & Organic handmade skincare company and do not want to be caricatured or seen otherwise having watched the programme on a few occasions. Thank you very much again for the invitation.

How refreshing to just 'say no' to the Show - rather than appear, and then spend the next few years whingeing to anyone who will listen about 'How I was mis-treated' or 'How the Dragons made a Big Mistake not investing in me' - in the hope of just a little bit more desperate free publicity for your business.

If you seriously need investment for your business, Dragons' Den is probably the last place you should consider.

It's a BBC primetime entertainment show - and YOU are the entertainment - in case you didn't realise that already !!!

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David said...

Can't agree more about dragons den, having been on the receiving end of a 'deal' that involved some of the structures talked about on the box, people should really think before they jump.
There is always a way to get to where you need to - and there are a lot of really good folk out there who will help you. Our project of six years is about to come to fruition 'bigtime' and has done so with some really great and helpful people.
We should start a help club for good ideas, along the lines of ... have you tried... etc lots of good expertise out there to tap into.

Offering my help to two organisations recently has given me a lot of pleasure and a big challenge - and the invitation to get on board. Red letter days helped my colleagues in the past with their new technology and now it is about to explode onto the market.

So come on Rachel how about taking the lead, we'll support you!