Friday, 10 August 2007

In Praise of 'The Week'

Seems like an eternity ago now, but last December I was a guest on Evan Davis' Radio 4 show 'The Bottom Line ' - along with the charismatic Felix Dennis (founder of Dennis Publishing and author of the brilliantly written and highly entertaining book 'How to Get Rich') and the ultra-healthy, ultra-handsome Bill Jordan (who created Jordan's Oats).

After we had recorded the show, Felix was most insistent that we all receive a free subscription to his latest mega-success title 'The Week'. He said he had no problem at all giving the subscriptions away - on the basis that the publication was 'like heroin'.

Once hooked and we would all be addicted forever.

And so, every Saturday morning, my copy arrives full of the last week's news - a kind of 'briefing-note' style round up of all the best media articles and comment on all the major stories that have unfolded. It takes an hour or so to read from cover to cover and is an absolute boon for someone like me - who gets her headline news via the internet, TV and radio, doesn't have a daily commute and only picks up a daily newspaper on plane or train trips.

And so, yes Felix, I am now hopelessly addicted! I also have a horrible feeling that my subscription is about to expire and thus dread the day when I go down to unlock the post box and find that my issue isn't there any more...

Not surprising then that The Week is one of media's great success stories of recent years - almost entirely through word of mouth and viral marketing - at a time when other publications are dwindling.

I thoroughly recommend that you get yourself hooked.

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Paul said...

Agree 100% have this delivered every Friday, have just noticed for the first time in ages that it is not here today with the post.

I've had it since it began and I like Felix and what he has done and what a character, and have read the book too.