Sunday, 12 August 2007

Cheap - but at what price?

The front page of today's Sunday Times reveals that at least some of retail tycoon Philip Green's vast fortune is coming from the exploitation of Far East Workers, who are being paid as little as £25 for a 70 hour week to produce the latest Top Shop fashion ranges.

Elsewhere in the same paper, we read that accountants Grant Thornton have just brought out a report showing that the major supermarkets are abusing their powers to put food suppliers under.

Personally, I don't think the blame lies with Philip Green or with Tesco et al. There will always be capitalists ready to take commercial advantage of any situation.

The blame actually lies with us as consumers.

While we continue to opt for cheap cheap cheap, the 'alphapreneurs' will be more than willing to supply it.

Whatever the (human) price.


Alan said...

I agree with you, but there's evidence of a change in consumer behaviour whaen the "human cost" becomes public knowledge. As a journalist and professional speaker, I see evidence of this around the world. However, I agree that capitalism, like taxes, will always be with us. And a good thing too, in my view.

And having just discovered your blog, via a mutual friend in the speaking business, I'm very impressed. Keep it up.

time said...

How are you impressed with this site. There are as few as 10 people who have posted comments and Rachel never responds to postings!!
Secondly please ask yourself what Rachel may have done to protect 3rd World countries.
I will also state that it is the local political leaders and local business leaders in these countries who are exploiting their own people, NOT the UK population.