Friday, 3 August 2007

The Power of Rubber

I was amused to see that research undertaken by Abbey Business amongst Britain's SME Bosses reveals that 3% would choose me as their mentor - ahead of current Dragons Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden, who each scored 2%.

While I would love to think that this was a result of my all-round skills in entrepreneurship and excellent business acumen, I suspect it has more to do with THAT picture of me, dressed in rubber astride a red Ducati motorbike.

Just think, if the Dominatrix pics which were shot at the same time had ever been released, I could be rating ahead of Duncan Bannatyne :-)

Have a great day!



julesbrad said...

Had to have a look at the pics after you mentioned 'that' pic - maybe you could start a new website - RedLeatherDays lol
On a serious note, I am really liking your site/blog which I found indirectly from PeterJones's forum. Are you planning to have your own forum ?

Scott Barlow said...

I told you that you are hot!

SDO said...

Jesus, your not modest are you.